The End is Bittersweet

So this is it huh ?

When I started here I was so excited  to begin my last semester but now that it is coming to an end,


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As of about 3pm later today… I am a whole college graduate. An Adult. The End of my childhood.

This college journey has been an ABSOLUTE rollercoaster, But this class was a shelter through the storm. It’s so wonderful to come to CT101 because it is safe space.

This was never a class I hated to come to because you would always get poured into even if it had nothing to do with tech. Prof. Ryan has created a place where us college students get to express ourselves and flourish in our creativity no mater what .

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I learned that I love to blog with this class. I used to think I was a terrible writer but I learned to love my writing voice in CT101. I usually shy away from creative writing but blogging to me is like keeping a journal.

My first post

Assignment 2

Assignment 4

Assignment 7

My writing voice is in my blogs is basically putting my personality to words.

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Because of my new found love for blogging, I plan on keeping my website and developing it more. will be all things me and my Faith walk. I hope for it to be a space of influence and inspiration for those who desire a relationship with God.

As much as I would want an A+, I feeel like I deserve a B+ at best. I definitely dropped the ball these past couple of weeks and I haven’t been my putting my best foot forward. I really wished my semester didn’t end on the note that it did but life.

Be safe…Be great y’all!

See y’all another time! Wishing you guys well in all your endeavors!

Franceluce’s Lavish Luxury!! Week 5 and 6: Assignment #4 – DS106 Web Assignment

Im. Late.

But I’m here now! Ready to share my ideas with the World!!!

So ima take y’all on a Journey into my mind on a visit to my dream room!!!

Onee thing about me, Im a girly girl, sugar spice and everything nice

Sugar, Spice And Everything Nice GIF - Powerpuff Girls Sugar Spice GIFsAnd Maybe a pinch of ChemicalX …teehee


When I found this assignment I was excited because it was right up my alley…Ive been planning my whole life on Pinterest anywayyy so this is wonderful.

My dream is that I would have a house built from scratch that my children would grow up in.

First things first is My closet! I am a woman of many shoes so I have a Shoe Spinner in my walking closet.  There is also a couch in my closet for when I want my alone time.

Also their has the

begehbarer Kleiderschrank | Ankleidezimmer Ideen | Einbaukleiderschrank | Interior Design | Kleiderschrank InspirationThis contains an image of: tadiorx 🍒This contains an image of: 62+ Luxury Walk in Closet ( ORGANIZED LOOK ) - Elegant Closets


I have this dream of my closet being my secret hide out. Where I pray, worship, cry and go whenever I wanna escape the real world.

I love a good accent wall! Im also in love with Navy Blue!This contains an image of: Navy and beige bedroom  This contains an image of: Shiplap Primary Bedroom

Another thing I am excited for is a double vanity bathroom and glass shower

This contains an image of: Trough Sink Create Double Vanity with Single Drainpipe - Midcentury - Bathroom - Chicago - by Michael Norpell's Wall To Wall | HouzzThe guest bath had a shower area that was dated and confining. A new frameless glass shower is roomier and allows in natural light. A built-in bench, marble floors and glazed subway tile walls and ceiling finish off this suite.


With the heated floors of course!!!

And you better believe I’m getting a house keeper to deep clean every month on top of the cleaning I will be doing! I NEED THE SPACE SPOTLESS!


Now ya’ll have got a taste of the glam life I wanna live!

This is just a bit…I’ll check back in about 15years!


Be Safe Be great ya’ll ✨



IVE BEEN DOING THIS SAME ASSIGNMENT FOR 3 WEEKS NOW! Life been rough, this a different level of procrastination Whew Hold Up GIF - Whew Hold Up Wait GIFs

Assignment #7


Late To The Party GIF by MOODMAN

I did not have five potential names for my website. One of the things that I  knew is that I wanted my domain name to be my actual name it growing up.

I was often embarrassed because I had a unique name, but as I  left elementary and middle school, I started to embrace the uniqueness of my name. You can’t find it in the baby name dictionary and I became okay with that.

When I was actually on Instagram, my user name was franceluce_

I see my name as a statement within itself. It also it always strikes up conversation about where I’m from and how did my parents it come up with it!  My website will be all things Franceluce .

I don’t know exactly what those things are yet, but I am willing to explore and talk about my different struggles and accomplishments and speaking my truth. I hope whatever I post would resonate with y’all!

Be Safe, Be great y’all

Just an elective

Me putting CT 101 on my fall schedule:

I Guess Kind Of GIF by Eric Jennifer

As my title, I’m here because I needed an elective but it turned out to be the highlight of my semester. This is one of the best elective’s I’ve taken.

One thing about meeeee……I’ll drop a class in a heart beat

Peace Out Reaction GIF

No stress, no headache for Franny! ESPECIALLY, not an elective.


Peter Griffin Work GIF

Me on schedule builder after finding out the professor is a nut post first lecture.

True story: A couple semesters ago, I had a teacher ask who don’t wanna be here


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Then she escorted me right to the department office and got me into a new class.full house crying GIF

That had to be about the nicest thing a professor  has done for me!

It just wasn’t a good fit and there was no hard feelings.





ANYWAYYYYSS! I definitely hit the jackpot choosing CT 101! I enjoyed week #3 soooo much! We had such edifying conversation and every one had something to share. The CT101 class room is def a space of growth and vulnerability.

I love that professor Ryan makes the classroom a safe space to discuss our issues and to ask for help.

One new thing I learned about was Imgur. Before my the last class, I didn’t know Imgur even existed…..

Paola Bracho Reaction GIF by MOODMAN

I knowwww……stop judging meeee

Swag Facepalm GIF

But giphy has been my go too since highschool. I love me a good Gif and I’m learning how to use them better and finding the ones that express EXACTLY how I feel.

I love that I’m going to come out of this class a full on blogger.

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I’m looking forward to learning more tech stuff and applying it to different parts of my life.It’s all new to but me, but since this has shown to be a safe space, I am eager to learn all this class has to offer. Im very happy to be sharing my thoughts on this platform!

Who knows I might start my own blog tonight!

I love it here and I’m here for all the learning opportunities!

Im committed to this learning process.

Happy Smiley Face GIF by FUN WITH FRIDAY“Whatever you might do, work from the soul, as to the Lord and not to men,” Colossians 3:23

Be safe, Be great yall ✨

I Can Listen and Move! Assignment #1

Good morning!

First of all, to get here was a mess! These here internets are so ghetto. I thought i was the problem but turns out I wasn’t.

Drama Queen Gay GIF by StickerGiant  FrannyFran is not the drama !

What has been taking up most of my time on the internet this week and for the past couple of months is Youtube. Since I’ve left the shackles of  Instagram in February 2021 my meme game has been lacking. I’ve been counting on my big bro to keep me up to date with the memes and gifs.

Youtube has been annoying tho!

I’ve been use it to listening to Praise and Worship from all around the world, specially Haitian Praise and Worship ( Louranj e Adorasyon).  This would murder my battery and Youtube kept trying to shove their Premium app down my throat.

Dance Women GIF by BDHCollective                          Me and my good sis Gee during louranj
How about No. I refuse to pay for a video that is uploaded with the intention of being free. And thank God I didn’t because
Season 2 Tommy GIF by Martin
I can constantly listen to podcast, louranj, recipes, sermons wherever I am and lock my phone or play my game at the same time.
The only thing with multiplayer is that I believe that it contributes to the overstimulation of our mind. I found myself being able to focus more when i cut off social media. It harder to center your mind and focus on what matter and even just breathe, when you are always multitasking.
Anywaysss I am happy!

This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. ~Psalm 118:24

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✨Be Safe, Be great y’all ✨