Diving into the web!

It’s crazy how we use it frequently but never take the time to think about it. No, I’m not talking about your devices, but something your devices helps you to get to. Let’s talk about web domains!

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No, it’s not only about Google.com but more than that. A web domain is an actual presence on the internet. Still unsure? Watch the video below to learn more.

Now it’s time to start with the perfect domain name for my new website. Here’s a list of some I thought of:

  • akkeem.name
  • arppra.com
  • runawaytocali.com
  • lockedaway.net
  • abroadlifeofajamaican.net
  • cariblifestyle.com
  • caribinny.com

I especially liked the first two and the last two. These examples highlight different aspects of my story. Whether my present situation or aspects of my past ones.

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I think my website should be about my journey at York or overall. I’m thinking:

  • Blogs I wrote before
  • Blogs about life in NY
  • Pictures of the city
  • Pictures of the Caribbean
  • Blogs about Caribbean Life
  • Video Blogs (VLOGS) about everything

Again, not completely sure, but the possibilities are endless!

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Owning and managing a website is like real estate, especially if your site gets many visits. It gets increasingly valuable the longer you have it.

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This leads me to the perks of having a site; they include:

  • The joy of owning something, even if it’s just a website and a domain.
  • It can be monetized to create an extra income stream if it grows.
  • Ability to be uniquely creative!
  • Building my online presence which might mean even more websites.

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This has me feeling really pumped about this entire website journey.


Finally, I have some websites that are already motivating me. Check them out below:

Hubspot is an all-in-one marketing platform. I don’t hate it. I love the UX/UI aspect.  It’s just sleek and modern.


Well, this is not the best, but it’s here because I’m probably addicted to the site. This is Amazon. It’s user-friendly, but if I join their development team, I will give them some pointers on enhancing the entire site. (If you have an Amazon link, let me know)


Now hold on, CNN is a hit, but their site will not make you head over heels. However, it does the job, and I like that. Not too hard to navigate, and the info you went on the site to see is staring you right in the face. Simple isn’t always bad.

These are just some of the many websites I like. It just shows that all websites don’t have to be the same. The purpose, target and motivation are important. Don’t ever lose sight of that.

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Stay tuned to see what happens with my website.

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  1. Hey Akeem, you have some really good ideas that look like they’ll be awesome in the future! It’s really cool that you came up with so many names for your website, I struggled to think of the 5 that I had and all of them were variations of names I had for a while. I also love your blog post, your personality really comes through so I really look forward to seeing how you implement that into your website :).

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