Assignment #7 Domain Names

Assignment #7 Domain Names

It’s time to have some fun ๐Ÿ™‚

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I’ve always dreamed about having my website, but I never have the tools and knowledge to make one. I always wanted to promote my family-owned business through social media and have its online website to attract more customers. The lack of knowledge about the website and IT, in general, made it seem like creating a website was impossible, or at least I was not trying enough. However, I am super happy I enrolled in this class which would provide me with the knowledge of creating and setting up a professional website that will belong to me.

I choose this domain name because I love to take photos of everything I see around me, especially pictures and videos of nature. I recently had a trip to Yemen, and I was able to take some photos and videos of some of the most beautiful locations in Yemen. And I would like to use this website to share my experiences with others and keep my photos and videos safe.

this is a screenshot from one of my TikTok videos which shows the beauty of Yemen.


My future jobs will specialize in accounting that includes various services such as taxation, advisory, consulting, and assurance services. I want to create N&N accounting firm LLC to represent my field of expertise and be the CEO and founder of N&N accounting firm. The name of this website represents the first initials of my first and last name, and accounting means everything we do at the firm and is not limited to just the accounting work. Still, it would also include translations, business licenses preparation, as well as immigration services.


I want to use this website to promote my smoke shop product that I plan to open soon. Since high school, I have worked in a deli and have the knowledge and expertise to run my own business. My website would help me list all my products online to inform my clients of all products and services we provide.


Everyone loves fashion and likes to dress clothes that will attract everyone’s attention, and this is why I’m coming up with Nader’ This website will list all types of clothing including big names such as Louis Vuitton, Cucci, supreme, Nike, etc. However, what would make this website so unique is the is mixer of middles eastern and western perspectives. I am originally a middle eastern man, and we have a dress code that might be unusual to western fashion. Using my new website and fashion industry, I would make clothing design that mixes an Arab with a western style. This website will promote the latest product and enhance the point of view toward the Arab world by showing the amazing clothe and dress type we have.

some of the Arab dress styles I will have on my website, which I will also put some western touch to it.

Not many know, but Yemen used to export the best coffee in the world. In fact. Mocha coffee, people’s most favored coffee, was first exported from Yemen. The early treader gave the name Mocha referring to the Al Moka port city. A port in Yemen that was considered the top center for coffee trading in the 17th century. On this website, I would provide the customer with all kinds of Yemen coffee. This website would bring awareness to people about the best coffee and bring back all the coffee lovers to the best coffee of Yemen.

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One of my favorite websites is Amazon. I like Amazon because it provides everyone with their necessary needs. It is easy to memorize and popular with everyone. It allows anyone to shop while lying on their beds.


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      I love the post, aside from the imagery that helps tell your story, I love the format and the clear descriptions for all of your choices. This is the kind of post that really engages our readers. Its inclusive and accessible and you have made both collective and personal connections to your reasons for those potential selections!
      Great work, as always!

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