Assignment #8 – Domain Registration

My experience of registering my own domain was actually great because the recording the professor uploaded and showed during class explained how to register step-by-step making it easy to follow. I was a bit scared about choosing a domain name because I wanted it to make sense with what I was going to add to my page and I did not want to make it too long. I picked the domain name because I did not want to be sort of tied-down to one topic, especially since I did not have a “crystal-clear” idea of what I wanted to do.

I’m sort of scared to not be as creative as my fellow classmates, my page might seem similar to the we had to create but I hope to add more things and make it different. The website is very similar to our class website and it is easy to maneuver around. I can’t wait for my classmates to see my page and for me to read/look at theirs.


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