Assignment #7: Domains Domains!

My mistake on doing the assignments out of order! I decided to do assignment #8 before doing assignment #7; therefore, I ended up choosing a domain name before brainstorming different domain names. I chose as my domain name. Being that I chose that domain, you can infer that, at that time, it was available [haha]. I also decided to choose a domain that had my name in it. I made it unique by adding some numbers.

If I had done this assignment in the sequence I was supposed to complete it in, I would have made a list of the following domains:
1. I would have chosen this to communicate, with an audience, what I do in my every day life.
2. With this domain, I would have blogged about survival tips when going into nursing. I has been quite a journey so far and I am not even close to the end. I would have loved to share my experience.
3. In this website, I would have talked uploaded daily quotes. Quotes that are simply about life, even inspirational quotes.
4. I would have loved to share different pictures of different outfits one can wear throughout the 4 seasons in New York. I would have shared both female and female ideas.
5. In this website, I would have shared my reviews to different movies or shows on Netflix. Honest reviews with a number grade to it, the good, the bad and what could have been better.

One of my favorite websites is

I like this website, not because it is currently trending, but because there is a variety of videos that can keep you entertained or even educated. I, myself, follow a lot of nursing tiktokers. As you can see on the left side of the picture, you can also find videos about games, food, music, pets and funny videos.

1 thought on “Assignment #7: Domains Domains!”

  1. Ohhh, well, not to worry, you are not alone in this as many others too have done some of the assignments out of order. Its all good, as long as it comes back around to the context of the assignment, which you have done here very well!
    Thanks so much for the thoughtful domains and descriptions!
    All great choices!

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