Assignment #12: Final Reflection


Art of my favorite Pokémon; Turtwig. Art by @do_rakgak

Overall, I can’t complain about this class. It’s fair in both pace and difficulty. I now have complete confidence in my skills of web design and revision. I can’t wait to use them when I remake my old website. Or just make a new one. As with most creative classes, this class improved by innovative practices. Especially in writing for blog posts. While I feel that my story writing could use some more honing, my casual speech has definitely improved. A great victory for me, considering I’m relatively bad at communicating with my peers. I tend to have a bad tendency to speak formally due to preference and upbringing.

The first couple of weeks (August 31st-October 19th) were more to my liking. Not only did our assignments teach us how to make a blog, it did so in one of the most interactive ways: introspection.  Perhaps introspection isn’t the best word to use for what we did, but it’s the closest word that fits the description. The first week’s assignments asked us to make blogs posts that answered questions about blog posts. The “What is a meme?” assignment comes to mind. Being the scholar that I am, I found it delightful to read everyone’s thoughts on the matter as well as research and make my own.


After the first seven weeks, this class started to drag for me. Not to say I didn’t stop enjoying this class, but in terms of the assignment being more towards my liking, it dragged. At the cost of sounding like a broken record, our assignments were essentially something I had already done before. These prompts did allow me to hone my skills in web design. For instance, old Tyler would have never wanted to put memes or gifs in his posts. I would have thought they rendered the atmosphere of my blogs to be more carefree instead of analytical and serious. Note that this was coming from a guy who wanted to talk about the improvement of game design for his favorite series, such as Pokémon and Kirby.

I’m not demanding (at least I hope I’m not), but I have to answer this question. In my heart, I feel like I’ve earned an A, but in my mind, I think that I’ve earned a B to B+. Most of my blog posts are somewhat mediocre, in my opinion. Also, I was probably the least interactive person with my classmates, an old habit from my childhood that will always be reborn.

As previously stated, I’ll be leaving the website I’ve made from this class and the website I’ve made before alone. New start, new slate. With that being said, I’m not the biggest fan of WordPress. Yes, there are different themes that the web builder provides. However, the web builder I’ve used before (SquareSpace) had much more to use right off the bat with the addition of being much more adaptable. For instance, I could put a text block anywhere on my site. From there, I could expand it, condense it, make it an image, etcetera. Neither have a big difficulty curve either.

From word to square

The Ramos Hold

Ironically, the entire concept of The Ramos Hold is me giving a tour of the website as if I was showing off my estate. Let’s begin, shall we?

The Hold’s Entrance

Welcome to the Ramos Hold! Pretty empty right now but make yourself at home. Here I plan to fill the library with my works and concepts. There’ll be other things I’ll add here and there, but as of right now, it’s just a library. If you’d like to read my works, you can go to…my works section. As of right now, there’s only one work there. It’s an abridged version of a story I’ve been working on since high school. As a matter of fact, I shared the draft of my novel in my checkpoint assignment for this class.

It was an honor to be in a class with you all. May you all experience great success and prosperity.

Seriously, thank you.

2 thoughts on “Assignment #12: Final Reflection”

  1. Thank you, Tyler!
    Great work across all of our class criteria!
    I have very much enjoyed your evolution in ct 101!
    You have taken many creative risks and were a key player in our zoom discussions!
    Thank you so much for the hard work and commitment to our class!
    Your website is looking great! And perhaps the wordpress bug will bite you agin one day and win you over!
    Have a great holiday!
    Thank you!

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