Assignment #7 – Domains, Domains Everywhere!

Potential Domain Names


Why These Domain Names

One of the most difficult challenges many aspiring programmers face today is being haunted by the feeling of imposter syndrome. This inhibits many aspiring programmers from applying and obtaining careers within this field of work and ultimately leads to many giving up on learning how to code altogether. I too myself feel this from time to time when it comes to working on my assignments. As I read through documentation I feel that little inkling of ” you can’t do this”, “you don’t really know Java”, “you have a hard time with C++”, etc. However, once I start I’m always able to figure things out therefore invalidating those doubtful thoughts. The website I have in mind is a sort of community based confidence boosting platform where aspiring programmers can post their code and have more experienced programmers (whether in the field or well versed in the respective programming languages) either give friendly pointers or reinforce that what they have created is well made.


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