Assignment #6 – Mid-Semester Re-Cap Time!

So far CT 101 has definitely been the most fun I’ve ever had taking a college course. I would say a big contribution to this has been due to the subject matter of the class as well as having a cool professor at the head of it. It has definitely made this stress-inducing semester feel a bit easier to handle.  With that being said, it also makes me feel incredibly guilty. I definitely have neglected this course more so than my other courses this semester. Between work and school it definitely hasn’t been the easiest but that doesn’t mean I can’t get the work done. I just have to re-evaluate my time management and better layout the work ahead of me. Overall, I was able to get done the first 5 assignments:

Assignment #1

Assignment #2

Assignment #3

Assignment #4

Assignment #5

Now if this re-cap assignment was completed at the time it was assigned then I’d say I would be doing pretty okay in the class, probably looking at a B average. Realistically now however, I’m most likely looking at a D grade average. If I can get all my assignments in by the final class of the semester along with all of my comments, then I’ll feel as if I am in a much better position.  Regardless, I feel as if I’ve already learned a lot even with the amount of work I’ve done. Learning how to utilize all of the tools on the CUNY commons, working with giphy as well as, has opened up a broader spectrum of what’s possible at such an easy level. For example, one of the coolest things I’ve learned this semester is how easy it is to make my own giphs. I absolutely love using gifs/memes to emphasize my text messages and now that I know how to make my own I’ll be unstoppable ! These are definitely skills I’ll utilize even once this course comes to its conclusion. Now, it’s time for me to get back to work!