Assignment #5

#Positive Quotes

First of all, I loveeeee quotes. Quotes are very meaningful to me; it brings forth upliftment and positivity into my life. There is a lot of days where I am down, and I just find a quote to cheer myself up especially with school workload. What inspire me to talk about quotes in this assignment, I am disappointed on how my semester is going but what keep me motivated is always remembering ” The race is not for the swift but who can endure to the end”, and I have come a far way to give up now. I hope one day to start writing my own quotes and uplift others around me.

GIPHY has helped me a lot with quotes to go on my mmm. page.

URL: tatyanap.ct101_assignment_5 (  


I enjoy working with the .

It gives a very relaxing way of coming up with ideas, very flexible and easy to operate. This website reminds me of when I use to collage photo on “photo grid”, cool website. I am happy to get an opportunity to use this website and share quotes that are meaningful to my life. The next time I use this website I should be able to publish my own quotes. I admire the fact that everything is easy access which is very motivational.