Assignment 7- Mid Semester Reflection

In the beginning and throughout CT101, I feel like I could not do as good as I would like in terms of keeping up since I was overwhelmed with so many classes. However, I knew that in due time I will be able to push through and learn a lot of digital storytelling tools and perspectives that will elevate my growth technology and my creative passions in a new limelight.

What have I learned and retained the most so far is how to use gifs within blogposts and create memes, and the various website tools such as Photopea, giphy, thedailycreate, and figma, thus expanding my awareness. The new skills I have developed were learning how to use these tools to create my own work, thus reflected and explained in my weekly posts.

All of the topics I learned and knowledge I acquired, I never previously knew of because I was not technologically savvy or had a reason to learn them in any of my other course works.

The grade I believe I am maintaining, or rather the grade I assume I will end with is a B, since I submitted majority of my assignments late due to unforeseen circumstances; however, I still be content because I know despite the setbacks I still worked hard on each assignment.  My weekly blogging work have expanded creatively because with each one I slowly feel more comfortable in its usage and expressing my authentic self.

So far I am missing all assignments after this current one (8- 10), but I plan on completing before the semester is over. I do make sure to comment on two classmate’s posts for every assignment. The days I was in class in- person, I made sure to participate, either by asking questions or adding commentary to the class discussion. I will make needed improvements by continuing this course to it end, and using other classmate’s posts as a way to see what I may need working on or add.

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  1. this response is very well thought out and informative, sadly I am in the same situation as you in the way of submitting my work late but what can we do. good luck on the rest of your assignments

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