Assignment 4- My Passion: Poetry


The thing I am most passionate about, my hobby and solstice, the creative talent that keeps me grounded as a person, is writing poetry. The first memory I have of creating a poem on my own of my own intent was my first day back to school after finding out that Barack Obama had become our 44th president, the first black president in history. I wrote a rhyming poem that also used one of his famous slogans “Change has come”, just out of inspiration, and shared it with a few of my classmates during lunchtime in my middle school cafeteria. Those who I showed liked it, even though they did not really like me (I was bullied often throughout elementary school), and poetry began to formulate into my go-to creative expression.

Whenever I was emotional, inspired, in love, or in heartbreak, I wrote a poem about it- I surrendered myself to the flow of words on paper.  At first, as a young child I assumed all poems had to be rhyming, so that was how I started out; however, I would find myself looking up rhyming words and changing my verses to suit the word at the end of the sentence, rather than to suit my soul. I began writing free-verse, without any knowledge of the word, because I wanted no constraints on my thoughts. I got into reading Shakespeare and old poetic literature, so occasionally wrote a sonnet here or there. In high school I learned more about Maya Angelou and read all of her poetry, her becoming my poetic inspiration. In 10th and 11th grade I joined my high school’s poetry club, and felt a sense of belonging, extremely elated to share my poems with other poets who also looked like me.

During Black History Month in 11th grade, my poetry club teacher who was also my former algebra teacher, told us about a Spoken Word event in Hollis, the theme being Black History. Two of my poetry mates and I jumped at the opportunity, filling out the online application and anxiously waiting for results. At this point of time, I was diving further into the poetry universe, not only in written but learning about Spoken word events. I watched a show on BET religiously called Verses & Flow, in which black women and men performed their work, elegant 2- 5 minute pieces completely from memory.

Their movements, the power behind their words, the strength and loudness of their voices- I wanted to immolate that one day. One classmate’s application got accepted, and I was disappointed that I was not considered, yet I along with my poetry club members and organizer went to support. I had a copy of my poem that I wanted to perform with me, although I knew I was not a performer. Yet, to my surprise, my name was in the program!

I nervously sat, shocked to my core in my seat, and quickly tried to memorize as much of a three page poem as I could while simultaneously watching in awe of the other performers. Finally, it was my time to perform, and suddenly my social anxiety disappeared out the window and I transformed into a confident radiant being. I spoke lively to the audience, asking them how they were doing and complementing the wonderful range of blackness I saw in the audience, before giving a backstory of my life then diving into my poem titled “Tired of Not Expressing the truth”. My mom was in shock, my schoolmates applauded as well as the rest of the audience of 100+ people, and shockingly a girl who used to bully me in middle school was there as another poet and came up to compliment me. A black author who came on stage to promote her book was so moved that she honored me a free signed copy. Senator Leroy Comrie was also present, and we all took a group picture with him after the performances and later ended up in a newspaper article.

This experience led to me performing my poem more within school, in front of my high school in the cafeteria and over loudspeaker. I read poetry novels from newer poet come-ups such as Rupi Kaur, a NY Times Bestseller, and created an Instagram dedicated to posting poems with the alias Sidney K. In college I ventured out to spoken word organizations, performing for Inspired Word NYC in Manhattan, Open Mic Renegades in Harlem, and a queer poetry organization that also does self-healing, plant, books, and astrology events called I’m Finna Talk in Brooklyn. In the beginning of the Covid pandemic, self- published my first book titled “Unraveling- Poetry from the Soul”, one of the achievements I wanted to enact since I was young.


My right arm holds a tattoo that says “Still I Rise”, my favorite poem from Maya Angelou, and my left arm says “Poetry” with a lotus flower next to it. Poetry is my first love and my lifeline; no matter what journey my life takes and how long my body is on this planet for, poetry will always be a part of me and in my heart. I will never depart from creating poems, and my future goal is to publish a poetry novel with a publishing company as a bestseller.




me poem

“Picture of me 3 years ago holding copies of my first ever self- published poetry novel”

Final Submission Post

Taking CT101 Digital Storytelling in my final semester of college has been a delightful learning experience filled with obstacles that I managed to successfully overcome. Going into it, I had no clue what to expect and how the journey will go. Sometimes the road to your destination can be a winding one, but what matters is that you get there. I learned a variety of amazing skillsets such as overall exploring the WordPress blogging interface and adding variety of creative content using numerous artistic websites, apps, and helpful class videos.

Experiences such as transferring images and screenshots to my blog posts, creating hyperlinks, learning about URLs and website domain names, creating Gif narratives and finding Gifs from Giphy and Imgur Assignment 2- Animation through Gifs, discovering a new perception of art through internet memes Assignment 3- Are Memes Art? and creating my own with imgflip, completing projects on TheDailyCreate and using Photopea to construct art such as overlapping and blending multiple images, etc.

I learned about the immediacy of digital art making and expanded my own perception through reflection on what creativity and intuition means to me, thus using Figma to create a digital art page with the theme of consciousness by applying various moving imagery.


I feel like in this class the grade I earned was a B or B- because although I managed to complete majority of the assignments with my best foot forward and participated in class, I did end up completing assignments late due to unforeseen mental health circumstances.

Overall, digital storytelling makes better use of multimedia elements and interactive capabilities to fascinate and engage audiences than traditional storytelling methods. It enables a dynamic and immersive experience that keeps viewers engaged and provides a wide range of creative opportunities. To bring their story to life, creators like me can experiment with various media types, styles, and techniques.


We are free to combine different aspects and use technology to create unique and inventive storylines. Online platforms and social media make it simple to share and distribute digital stories, but in my situation, I was able to expand and share my expertise with my classmates who were working on similar projects in the same field.

Change My Mind Meme | CT101 is the best class ever; Do not | image tagged in memes,change my mind | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

This enabled interactivity and active participation in creative processes. I am extremely grateful for this experience, and thank you for a wonderful semester.

Enjoy the summer and journeys ahead!

Assignment 8- Domain Name

Some potential domain names that are unique to me are:

These domain names connect to my actual name and the creative hobby I am passionate most which is poetry. Also, Sidney, my middle name, is what I usually use as my alias when it comes to posting poetry on my Instagram or doing spoken word performances in different spaces. I used “.com” as my top level domain because it is the one that is most popularly known worldwide for websites.

My website will be a free access for creatives and curious individuals alike to read poems that I have written myself, in which they can use for inspiration towards their own thoughts and emotions. I am excited to own my own website but also nervous of the work it will take to build it, and uncertain of if I want it to be heavily detailed or just simplistic.

As of late, my favorite existing websites are those used for research or entertainment such as google, Youtube, Netflix, and Pinterest.




I cannot wait!

Assignment 7- Mid Semester Reflection

In the beginning and throughout CT101, I feel like I could not do as good as I would like in terms of keeping up since I was overwhelmed with so many classes. However, I knew that in due time I will be able to push through and learn a lot of digital storytelling tools and perspectives that will elevate my growth technology and my creative passions in a new limelight.

What have I learned and retained the most so far is how to use gifs within blogposts and create memes, and the various website tools such as Photopea, giphy, thedailycreate, and figma, thus expanding my awareness. The new skills I have developed were learning how to use these tools to create my own work, thus reflected and explained in my weekly posts.

All of the topics I learned and knowledge I acquired, I never previously knew of because I was not technologically savvy or had a reason to learn them in any of my other course works.

The grade I believe I am maintaining, or rather the grade I assume I will end with is a B, since I submitted majority of my assignments late due to unforeseen circumstances; however, I still be content because I know despite the setbacks I still worked hard on each assignment.  My weekly blogging work have expanded creatively because with each one I slowly feel more comfortable in its usage and expressing my authentic self.

So far I am missing all assignments after this current one (8- 10), but I plan on completing before the semester is over. I do make sure to comment on two classmate’s posts for every assignment. The days I was in class in- person, I made sure to participate, either by asking questions or adding commentary to the class discussion. I will make needed improvements by continuing this course to it end, and using other classmate’s posts as a way to see what I may need working on or add.

Assignment 6- Digital

In my perspective Creativity is the ability to express myself freely and authentically through art medium, bringing feelings, thoughts, and experiences into the creation of something new and tangible. For me, that would typically be my poetry- an art form set forth based on emotional experiences and triggers, that can only come out of my mind and cannot be recreated because the creator cannot be duplicated. Immediacy is the ability to do something at once, to put the idea out as soon as it hits, to let yourself write, dance, or tell your truth as soon as it is noticed, immediately. Intuition is your gut or heart feeling, your sixth sense so to speak, the voice of God or a higher power or the universe giving us wisdom that cannot be expressed in words so instead comes forth as a physical sensation. We should always follow our intuition because it guides us to positive aspects that help our growth as a human on this earth.

I would put these words in the order of Intuition + Creativity + Immediacy, and the result is life. The creative potential of my awareness of this moment is expansive and versatile- an art project, a painting, a poem, a silent reflective meditation, but for this class I will intervene by creating a digital art peace for my CT101 blog post. The creative potential of this assignment is to use to create whatever feels right in that exact moment, and let it flow.

I used to create how I view the world emotionally, physically, and spiritually, and our strive as humans towards higher consciousness and delving into the unknown- the earth, psychedelics, meditation, Buddha, love, intuition, third eye, scientific brain activities, etc. all show that we truly know nothing, yet our very existence is everything.





Assignment 5- The Daily Create


The Daily Create


In browsing through Daily Create, there are many project options that are available to choose from to complete/ replicate. The one I believe I can figure out on my own is in which a random image pairing is transformed into a self-help book title and cover. The second project that I do not have the knowledge to perform yet is the creation of the three horse people of the learning apocalypse in picture form ( ). I do not understand what this truly means or the original analogy, to even begin to develop my own version of this. Therefore, this blog post will only be showing my personalized creation of the first project.

To complete the first assignment, first I need to know how to navigate the Daily Create website. Then I will need to check out the random flickr image blender, and know how to screenshot images that rapidly changes every ten seconds ( ). To capture the entire screen in a screenshot on a dell laptop, which is what I am working off of, you must press the Windows logo key + PrntScrn key together on the keyboard.

Once two images of my choosing are screenshotted, then I have to go to Photopea- Online Photo Editor, to input the two photos and edit for them to be combined, before adding a title.


This process is not as simple as it seems but highly manageable.


  • Make a New Project, give it a title and make it transparent.
  • Go to File, then Open & Place to add the first screenshot.


  • Crop the screenshot if necessary to only focus on the photo.
  • Add another layer and make it black, if you want to change the opacity.
  • Copy and paste the second image in another layer.
  • Change the opacity of either the first image or second image for it to blend together.



  • Add another later and insert text box.
  • Format and type your title.
  • Lock all layers once completed so no erasure can happen accidentally.
  • All done!

all done

Assignment 3- Are Memes Art?–think-hmm-d3mlE7uhX8KFgEmY

I believe that Internet Memes are art. It communicates personal experiences with various imagery and a caption so to speak, of your own creation and choosing that goes along with the imagery. Usually memes are made for comedic purposes, and with the vast expansion of the internet, anyone can easily be able to create a meme with the right website and tools. Literally giant Leo Tolstoy expresses that art is the ability to spread the conveying of a feeling you experience unto someone else, so that they experience the same feeling based on your creation. This is internet culture at its finest, in which memes highly represent. They also give the creator and viewer a cathartic experience, explained in the Youtube video “Are LOLcats and Internet Memes Art?”

Triad City Beat | 50 famous memes and what they mean

By definition, memes are an image, video, and/ or text that is humorous in nature, which are created, copied, and spread by internet users with slight variations depending on the person. It is a way how we sometimes communicate on the internet, and can be found used on many popular social media platforms.  Imgflip is one platform that a person can use to generate a Meme for free.

According to the article Can Memes be considered Art? by SpokenVision, it states that “If one thinks about it, memes can fall under the category of Pop Art (using popular media styles to create art)”.,media%20styles%20to%20create%20art

Also, the article Memes as Art by the website Know What I Meme, it states that “Art is constantly evolving, but if the purpose of art is to express a human truth, the Internet meme fits the bill”.

I believe that anything created from us as humans can be considered art depending on the viewer. For all we know, within the next hundred years or so, instead of finding the Mona Lisa or a traditional painting in museums, it will be filled with blown up pictures of internet memes in portraits.

Mona Lisa? by _Pickle_ on Meme.Market

Memes can be considered both good or bad for art; good because it is relevant more with this generation and time period, and more understood and used relatedly compared to art from a century ago, which allows us to connect with one another through it. However, it does not take extreme talent to create memes for it to be viewed as good by everyone; internet search engines allow us to look up how to create memes, and we can have the craft mastered in under an hour.

It is good for communication for some because it shows images that connect with the text that we are trying to convey, which makes it easy to understand. The imagery can come from a movie, cartoon, show, celebrity, etc., which not only gives it relatability but also makes it fun.  It is a form of self- expression, as like everything else that we say and do.

The Latest Anti-Celebrity Meme Is Garbage

Memes can be used for storytelling through Visual Narratives, Emotional Expression, and Character Development, inspiring a story idea, and Multimedia since they can include animated GIFs, video clips, or even audio elements.



Assignment 2- Animation through Gifs

My first day of CT 101 was a delightful shock- from the classroom appearance and dynamic, to the fancy Apple computers, and the peaceful human ambiance of interactions with both the professor and other students. For me, it will be a combination of a passionate hobby of mine- wordy storytelling, and an unfamiliar territory that I would need to tackle in my adulthood- constantly new and improving technology in all of its intricate facets.

For this assignment, I will be using “Gifs”, an acronym that stands for Graphics Interchange Format, which is comprised of short video clips and small animations of memes and anything that conveys emotions or reactions through imagery. The websites I will be using are Giphy and Imgur.

“This is a GIF from Giphy of SpongeBob SquarePants dancing to represent excitement, which is how I felt at the beginning of the semester. The hyperlink is also included above”.

I enjoyed hearing about the course and its creative content because it was all topics that were new to me that I know would be beneficial in the future, such as being able to create WordPress blog posts with gifs, imagery, memes, domain names, and customizing websites to name a few. All of this made me feel nervous since I am not tech savvy, but willing to learn nonetheless.

So far compared to my other courses, CT is a fun and interactive course that defers from the typical written paper, powerpoint group presentation, or written calculus exam, which is a breath of fresh air. However, since it is completely unlike any course I am currently or previously taken, it is also quite daunting to keep up to par with, since I hardly have the previous knowledge to fully push through at the speed I would like in this course.

“This is a Gif from Giphy of an animated girl nervously rubbing her fingers together with inaudible chatter, which is how I currently feel and will continue to throughout the semester”.

The creative potentials of this course is that overall digital storytelling offers the creation of immersive and compelling narratives by combining several forms of communication such as text, photos, audio, and video. My classmates and I can experiment with various media combinations to improve our storytelling and successfully convey our ideas.

We get to combine many types of media, such as images, videos, and animation, to enrich our narratives and create a dynamic storytelling experience. It also demonstrates that digital storytelling can transcend a single platform. I can learn how to develop media narratives that transcend numerous channels, including websites, social media, blogs, podcasts, and others. This enables a seamless storytelling experience across several platforms, as well as future business or creative goals.

“This is a Gif from Giphy of Chelsea Handler mid- talk on the positives of school education, stating that she is ‘learning'”.

In terms of the website platforms focusing on Gifs, I enjoy Giphy more over Imgur, because although both are free, Giphy is more known and easy to use for me. Imgur focuses more on images and editing of pictures, while Giphy has gifs, movable images and video clips. I feel that gifs hold more attention and has more creative options than still imagery.

Be sure to video search “Dancing Bear”

“This is an Imgur video clip of a dancing bear to represent the overall positivity that I am feeling for this semester”.

Assignment1- Internet Happy

     What makes me happy about the internet is the vast expansion of knowledge that we have at our fingertips. A worldwide known example of a part of the internet that gains us access to everything we need is the Google Search Engine, and something more recent that this generation has adapted to as a form of entertainment is the app Tiktok.
     There are so many intricacies throughout the internet, specifically on Google and Tiktok, that we cannot possibly travel throughout all of it within the timeframe of one human lifetime.
     All of the world’s information is universally accessible and shown through various mediums brought by Google, and we are able to find anything we want- esoteric texts, journalist and scholarly articles, images and videos, memes and gifs, scientific articles and fable literature, poetry and quotes, blogs to better yourself in a certain aspect- in is an infinite online library.
     Tiktok on the other hand, is an app where people can view, create, or share quick videos from 15 seconds up to a minutes long. It can be videos focused on people promoting their business, advice being giving, story-time videos, or viral dances and funny entertainment. It can also be used to expand the brand of both celebrities and non- famous people.
     What Google and Tiktok has in common is both in today’s times especially by ‘Generation Z’ can be used as a search engine; although Tiktok has gained much popularity within the past few years, it is still not as known and been around for as long as Google. Tiktok only offers videos, majority based on other’s opinions, while Google produces access to all forms of resources and texts.
     I usually use Google in my daily life such as looking for information on a novel, the weather, definitions, advice, or educational resource, but Tiktok as entertainment to pass the time, similar to Youtube or Instagram.
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