Assignment1- Internet Happy

     What makes me happy about the internet is the vast expansion of knowledge that we have at our fingertips. A worldwide known example of a part of the internet that gains us access to everything we need is the Google Search Engine, and something more recent that this generation has adapted to as a form of entertainment is the app Tiktok.
     There are so many intricacies throughout the internet, specifically on Google and Tiktok, that we cannot possibly travel throughout all of it within the timeframe of one human lifetime.
     All of the world’s information is universally accessible and shown through various mediums brought by Google, and we are able to find anything we want- esoteric texts, journalist and scholarly articles, images and videos, memes and gifs, scientific articles and fable literature, poetry and quotes, blogs to better yourself in a certain aspect- in is an infinite online library.
     Tiktok on the other hand, is an app where people can view, create, or share quick videos from 15 seconds up to a minutes long. It can be videos focused on people promoting their business, advice being giving, story-time videos, or viral dances and funny entertainment. It can also be used to expand the brand of both celebrities and non- famous people.
     What Google and Tiktok has in common is both in today’s times especially by ‘Generation Z’ can be used as a search engine; although Tiktok has gained much popularity within the past few years, it is still not as known and been around for as long as Google. Tiktok only offers videos, majority based on other’s opinions, while Google produces access to all forms of resources and texts.
     I usually use Google in my daily life such as looking for information on a novel, the weather, definitions, advice, or educational resource, but Tiktok as entertainment to pass the time, similar to Youtube or Instagram.
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