Assignment 8- Domain Name

Some potential domain names that are unique to me are:

These domain names connect to my actual name and the creative hobby I am passionate most which is poetry. Also, Sidney, my middle name, is what I usually use as my alias when it comes to posting poetry on my Instagram or doing spoken word performances in different spaces. I used “.com” as my top level domain because it is the one that is most popularly known worldwide for websites.

My website will be a free access for creatives and curious individuals alike to read poems that I have written myself, in which they can use for inspiration towards their own thoughts and emotions. I am excited to own my own website but also nervous of the work it will take to build it, and uncertain of if I want it to be heavily detailed or just simplistic.

As of late, my favorite existing websites are those used for research or entertainment such as google, Youtube, Netflix, and Pinterest.




I cannot wait!