My CT101 experience

I don’t exactly know how i feel about my time in CT101. Id say I’m really trying. I struggle a lot with the creative side and i am not someone who gets assignments on time. its one of my biggest flaws but i know I’m Definitely trying. during the lectures i try hard to stay awake but i am so tired sometimes its hard for me. I have tried a lot of caffeinated drinks and have not been able to stay fully conscious for many of the lectures but i am really trying.

i have mainly retained skills on incorporating a variety of media into my writing. i think its some helpful practice. for example, i would incorporate as many images and gyfs in order to give my posts and writing life. id also ad as many hyperlinks to my posts in order for people to visit incase they want more information on my subject. One of the works i feel that captured this the most was my post on my addictive passion. This class has helped me find a variety of websites that i can use for any creative projects that i would like to indulge in in the future.

I don’t believe I’m getting a good grade. i don’t really know if that is me being humble or just self doubt talking. i would think a B as my highest grade. i feel like i deserve this grade because my posts may not be as long as they should be. My post possibly don’t have enough images or hyperlinks or my topics and way of explaining things are very weird. i feel like i definitely got better at blogging compared to when i started. i feel like i can type more and elaborate on my ideas better compared to my first post which what about the library of babel.

As I’m writing this post, i have 3 missing assignments. that includes this one. i also need to complete the optional assignment and the creative assignment. i have not been making any comments, not replied to any comments on my posts. I am very anti social and i understand its a really bad excuse. But i just cant into the mindset of telling people their posts are interesting or replying with at least a thank you. i also don’t participate in class because half the time I’m struggling to stay awake. I’m always trying to keep myself preoccupied in order to stay awake because caffeine doesn’t help me. I’m responsible for all of this and i could possibly improve on these bad habits. maybe starting with a comment or two one day.