Assignment # 7/ Picking a Domain Name!



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I’m really starting to sweat a bit.  

It’s all good. Nothing bad. Really has me exercising my mental and creative capabilities. It definitely has me on the move and coming out of my shell.

It is soooo true that a Domain name is as important as the name given to a child. It tells a bit about the person. A name can also be very intriguing. I suppose ……

Sweet. com can be a domain name. It can be a website about persons, places and things that are as sweet as corn.

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This can be a website designed and based all about love.

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Love is a many splendid thing!!!

How about Feel

It’s nothing like the feeling of freedom. Free to express who and how you are about any topic that you wish as long as it’s about motivation, not deterioration.

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Another idea for a domain name is…

Only true information, not dis or misinformation would be provided on this web page. It’s content would not be based on sensationalism; even though, that is the number one best seller.

The Randalls Island Humanitarian Emergency Response Center opened on Oct. 19 and held 500 beds for single men, along with a recreation area, cafeteria and laundry facilities.

This is an article written in the New York Times On Friday November 11, 2022 about the decision of Mayor Adams moving migrants  from the tents on Randalls Island to the Watson Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. This move is a “humanitarian crisis!” says Adams. is another Domain name that I’ve come up with. This website is designed to help individuals design the best web page imagined by all. It can involve every technique that plays an instrumental role in setting up their webdesign.

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This website can display all of the individuals that are special in your life. Your family, friends, mentors, authors, painters, designers….

Bob Ross a wonderful painter!

Bob Ross Retro Portrait Green Cool Wall Decor Art Print Poster 24x36

Pamela Rider Writes

I have a blog on word press named “The way of the world.” I have written some interesting articles on numerous situations and occasions. Check it out. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy the information posted.

I’m looking forward to what comes next in class ct101. Thus far it’s been a blast!!!

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  1. Thank you, Pam!
    Wonderful work on this!
    Great potential domain names and overall storytelling on the investigation of them.
    This week’s class will go through the whole process of registering the domain and setting up hosting – it will be fun!
    Ill check out your previous website, thank you!

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