Assignment #6: mi-mi-mid-sem rEE-cap

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I think I’m doing well… I think I just have a BIT of a hard time because I’m like:

 “oh? no due date? I’ll work on it next week!” and then next week comes around and…


But, I’m on top of it now!

(but not for long c:<)

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I’ve learned so many things. To hyperlinking words & pictures, how to PROPERLY make a good gif B), and how to use different websites like, ds 106 assignment bank, and the

Everything that I’ve learned and retained, I’d never have learned or used before I started taking this class, which I’m glad because each week we learn something new every day which gives structure to our blog in creating something fun.

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I feel like I’ve displayed most of my blogs where I’ve answered the prompt given and answered all the questions while having them flow to one another. Where it isn’t too much all over the place and where I still remember to hyperlink and not to use TOO many memes or gifs but just a good amount of it.

likeeee right about now.

dance marathon dancing GIF by Children's Miracle Network HospitalsI think through this self-reflection, I’ve realized I need to work on my time management. That even though each blog doesn’t have a due date, it does pile up. But I feel as if the pressure I give myself to finish it, makes me work on it even MORE and produce a blog that I feel IS good to post and not just a blog where I’m posting JUST to post.

I do hope I’m maintaining an A…

if I were to get a B, that’s okay too

but an A would even be g r e a t e r :D.

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I do see my weekly blogging work expanding very creatively BUT at the same time, it also looks the same. I do create different content by using different gifs with different senses of humor for different audiences I may have, but I noticed that ever since my first blog, I still have the same writing format. I either start with something that I think is “funny”, I use center alignment, and in some blogs, I may type 

 l i k e  t h i s


like this

(and no it’s not to make my blog longer, it’s just to really grab your attention :D)

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Currently, I’m missing assignment #7. I made up the other blogs that I was missing not too long ago, so if you have the time, check them out.

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I haven’t commented on some of my classmates’ posts, which would be done by the time you’re done reading this :D. 

HOWEVER, when Professor Seslow or any of my peers comment back, I do always reply. During class time, I don’t really participate, and it’s not because I’m not focused in the class, it’s just that my anxiety p e a k s.

I remember Professor Seslow and a classmate asked about my palette seal, and that enough gave me anxiety even though it wasn’t even that complicated to answer back. I’ll make improvements to maybe stop worrying about things I shouldn’t be worrying about and just worry about the more important things in life :D.

(like this class)

ty <3

6 thoughts on “Assignment #6: mi-mi-mid-sem rEE-cap”

  1. Thank You!
    Great work on this – you are easily maintaining an A in our class!
    Your work is 100% transparent and tangible here on CT101, we are all learning from each other’s progress! Contrast and variety is displayed each week, both in the classroom and outside here on the site.
    Thank you so much for the continued progress, evolution and applied skills!
    I like to keep deadlines loose so that we have time to absorb the assignments, and tinker with the tools first, as we do that, we create examples that we can make assessments on, this leads to revisions and better quality work. This tactic always works so well with creativity based assignments!
    More to come!

    1. Thank you again, Professor Seslow! I do agree that having loose deadlines help my “creative juices” flowing. There are days where I don’t feel like creating anything and days where I do feel like doing so and it does show a better outcome, for example my c:. Thank you again!

  2. Your work is good. As you have stated, it’s all about time management. You’re doing just fine!

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