Assignment 7: Recap of the Semester

As we are midway through the semester, I have learned a few things during this class. We have learned about using gifs in our posts and how to create blogs with gifs. Prof. Seslow has shown us to use, ds106 and along with other useful websites. These websites that we have been introduced to can be very useful in order to create any type of visual content. When signing up for the class, I had an idea of how this class would be because I’ve taken Prof. Seslow for CT201 and honestly that class was one of the best classes that I’ve had so far. 


In regards to making my weekly blog posts, I’ve been behind on creating them due to other classwork that I have been busy with. But I do enjoy making blog posts on the CT101 website. I feel like us as students can express our inner creativity and show what we are capable of by taking this course. So far, I have enjoyed this course and believe that most if all students should take a course related to digital storytelling because it can spark the creativity inside of you. For the assignment that I am missing, I am completing them soon as possible and putting my best effort into them. The improvements that I need to make are to obviously submit assignments on time and try to be more creative when creating blogs. 


Other ways of improving in this course would be to interact and engage with my peers who are also taking this course alongside me. I believe that time goes so fast with a snap of a finger so trying to maintain all the blog posts with other classwork can be difficult at times but very doable. All in all, so far hoping for the best for the rest of the semester.

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words!
    CT201 was a super fun and great class!
    So far so good here, you missed one important part of this post which was to include a hyperlink to all of the completed posts for assignments 1-6 – update that and you are good to go!
    You got this!

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