ASSIGNMENT #7: The name of the game- MY FIRST DOMAIN

I have never thought I would ever create a domain or a website which is crazy that I will. At first I didn’t understand what a domain was because I assumed it was a website but it isn’t. It’s basically the name of the URL of my website which people will type to access my site. Which again is so exciting and cool.

My website will be about me basically what I like, do and my schedule. I think it would be cool to discuss things that are happening in the world or in my life. It will kinda be like commentary and vlog about my life documenting what’s happening. It will be an open ended site because I want to do it all and not confine to one aspect. That’s why the internet was created so people can make anything they want.

I am excited that i will be a website owner because it will expand my knowledge on the internet. It can also lead to job opportunities which could help me become a successful tech person. I also want to learn how to create one so if a friend needs help I can be like an advisor and help them create a website or any tech related help.

I am a little scared I might not like the domain name I have to settle on. I am very indecisive so I might worry I won’t like it but I cannot think that way because I know I will do a good job. I’m also worry I will not understand how to keep up with this process of creating a website but with the help of Professors I know I can do it.

Two websites I am always on are Youtube and Instagram. I like Youtube because it is such a diverse website to see any type of video from anywhere. It also allows me to listen to music or catch up with daily events. Instagram is also a cool way to keep up to date with friends or just to see anything that is trending in the world right now. It is crazy that the internet can let me know about anything at any moment because of how expansive it is.

Now for a few domain names I would like to use are:– obviously my name because that way people don’t get to confused when finding my website.– i thought this was clever because I am creating the site to not be bored and interact with different people.– a variation of my name just in case .net is not available to claim.– I thought this was direct and straight to the point so people know something is happening all around them.– i kinda run out of creative juice but thought this was good because I just posted come read and see whats happening around us.

That’s all for today folks take care!

6 thoughts on “ASSIGNMENT #7: The name of the game- MY FIRST DOMAIN”

  1. Hey Juan, I enjoyed reading your post for many reasons but the main one being it is so relatable. I too was confused as to what a domain was at first and the fact that I feel like I won’t like the name I settle on due to indecisiveness. I like the concept of your website that being like “vlogging” your daily life, schedule, or whatever it may be but also leaving it open-ended so others can chime in or share as well. I think that’s cool because as you said, that’s what the internet is for, doing as you please.

    1. Hey Safiya, thanks for the appreciation your posts are also great. I’m happy that the internet is so vast that there is no need to define content as long as we’re happy with what we are making.

  2. Excellent work on this!
    Love the post itself and all of its media / content / context! You got this down now!
    I love the idea of a weekly Vlog and if you will have me, I would love to be a guest on your vlog!
    Keep going, this is going to be great!

    1. Thank You, Professor Ryan.
      I’m glad that I have the hang of these blogs down.
      That would be awesome to have a talented artist as yourself guest star on one of my vlogs. ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Excellent! Thank you!
        Yes, for sure, you are now working with your own “style” of blogging – this is what begins to help distinguish us from other content creators and helps build our personal brand. Much fun and forward motion!

  3. Hi Juan, I really liked the creativity you put into your domain names, my favorite is ‘’ because of the irony. I can’t wait to see your website and which name you choose!

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