Picking A Domain Name!

The Internet infrastructure relies heavily on domain names. They give any web server on the Internet a human-readable address.   A public IP address, either an IPv4 or IPv6 address, may be used to contact any Internet-connected machine. 

Computers can readily handle such addresses, but humans have a difficult time determining who runs the server or what services the website provides. IP addresses are difficult to recall and are subject to change.  We employ human-readable addresses known as domain names to overcome all of these issues.  I’ve had a few domain name suggestions.





What would the website be about ?

I was considering building a website that showcases some of my country’s cuisine. I’m Nigerian, and I enjoy cooking, so having a website where I can share my recipes for Nigerian cuisine is fantastic. 

With the help of a simple website, I can take images of my food and show them off to the rest of the world. Not only is a website useful for this, but it may also serve as a reminder of how far I’ve progressed in my cooking abilities and how I’ve improved my skill set.

Food.com is now my favorite website since it accurately depicts the firm, its products, services, and, ultimately, its brand. As a result, being aesthetically attractive, polished, and professional is critical. The site, in my opinion, should appeal to both searchers, who are looking for something specific and browsers, who are just looking about. By offering relevant information and eliminating dead ends, you may help visitors accomplish their activities quickly while also keeping them engaged. Make it simple to become involved by providing various points of contact, such as phone, email, social media, and maybe a simple contact form. A Google map is a nice touch. Above all, make sure this information is easily accessible on a contact page, if not on every page of your website.

Sisiyemmie  is one of my favorite websites. She writes about the cuisine she makes as well as her family and other topics on her blog. This website appeals to me since it appears to be a fantastic blog concept, especially because she is Nigerian.





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  1. Great work on this!
    Great potential domain names (but I see you selected one as Im reading these post backwards :)))

    Similar to the last post, I would suggest making the images a little smaller so that they are the same width as the written text, that formatting will really help the reader follow and remain engaged.

    Thank you and great work!

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