Assignment #7: What’s my domain name?


Animated GIF Before hearing Professor Ryan talk about domains in class I never gave it much thought. Honestly, it’s something I wasn’t even aware of that was available to the general public. I am excited to create a domain for myself and be able to register it.

Five Potential Domain Names:

erickaherrera: It’s simple and professional

eeh: This is an abbreviation of my name, Ericka Elizabeth Herrera

Eche: Another play on my name. Ericka Elizabeth Herrera Compoverde. I also like that it means to increase and everlasting.

erickughh: This is my Instagram handle and it would be nice to have the same handles throughout all platforms. It’s easier for people to connect with you.

erickanyc: I love venturing out in the city and I think it would be cool to blog about my outings and adventures.

Animation Plants GIF by Polina Zinziver

I have a couple of hobbies that I would like my blog to be about. It includes plants and exploring the city. I also love interior design. I think it would be best if I had a life-style type of blog so that I can express interest to all my hobbies.

This is my favorite plant blog. It’s very informative and provides  a lot of care tips for a variety of plants.



This my favorite fashion blog. I love the aesthetic of it and the layout of the page. It always draws you in.

I am excited to create my own website! It sounds like fun to be able to personalize every way you want to. I’m scared that my skills aren’t good enough and I will be not be content with what I create. However, it will be my first time doing this so I will not be too hard on myself.

1 thought on “Assignment #7: What’s my domain name?”

  1. This is great!
    I really like all the selections for your domain.
    Less is always more when it comes to domains, lol, the one’s that have direct context (like a persons name) or a cool hybrid variation like you listed above, these are the names that usually stick with us.
    A lot of people will, for marketing and faster discoverability, use their social media names as domains too. Not to worry about skills, we are going to learn them from scratch, the process is fun and we will start nice and easy! Exciting!

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