It was an exciting task thinking about the domain name for my own website! I came up with a few and they are not taken yet (I checked on a domain checker). = This could be my very unique web address because it consists of my first and last name only. There’s no better and unique identity then one’s name, so definitely can be considered as MY domain name. = I believe we all get to explore the mysterious universe inside our minds. Countless thoughts, imaginations and what not! Since we are far from imagining how broad this universe is, I’d like to think that I can visit it in my mind. Hence, this domain name could be a great choice because as I know, I will be pouring my mind out on my website. = If I want I can use my website as my digital diary. I will probably be publishing daily blogposts. For example, If I am excited or nervous about a particular exam or an assignment, I’ll share that I feel that way and write a small paragraph on it. = I will share my certain observations, perceptions, opinions on my website. If this is the domain I choose at the end, the readers of my website should understand how Sajani thinks about certain things. = I will be typing my mind. This term synchronizes with what someone who loves to write would be thinking when they are about to create their own website/blog. I will post creative stories written by me. This domain sounded funny even to myself but I still think it’s different and accurate considering what I will be posting on my website. 

I invented all the possible domain names above keeping in mind the theme, concept of my likeness of writing.

There are not so many websites that I use on a daily basis. Among the few, YouTube is my most favorite.


I love using YouTube because honestly in simple words it makes my life so much easier. By listening to my favorite music, watching movies I spend a lot of “me-time”. I even use YouTube for better explanations of a reading text from a class, some tutorials for a specific project, etc. It’s content is what we need it for.


  1. Hey Sajani, I love the idea of your website, because I would like to explore the hidden meaning of dreams. That would be cool if you shared your dreams and viewers can comment and help you find the deeper meaning behind your dreams.

    1. I know right! I like this domain name as well. But I don’t mean to post about my dreams and it’s meaning. I am most likely looking forward to post just my random thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc for the readers. I named it heruniverse in that sense. 😀 Thank you for your inspiration!

  2. Great work on this!
    Solid potential domain names listed here! I know, its super exciting even thinking about getting everything all setting up! Thank you for the thoughtful responses about “why” your selections would be good potential names! I think YouTube is a dominant favorite website for everyone, amazing how much we can learn and share from there!
    There is a great to organize all of the things that you listed above – we will cover how to set up a menu navigation and how to break up our websites into “parts” and “space” to share and host our content.

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