Assignment – #8 –

This week we are registering our domain names. I first started by cicking the reclaim hosting link in the assignment #8 directory. It led me to this page –>


I then enetered a name I thought of in my previous post  and suprisingly it was availible.

I then continued to the signup process, entered my name, email adress, adress…etc

And registered my domain name.

I went to the Cpanel and clicked on wordpress…
I then clicked intall.

I changed the admin Information. Then finalized the intallation.

This is where I was taken –>

… and this is my website–>


1 thought on “Assignment – #8 –”

  1. Excellent!
    Nice tutorial here!
    Did you like the wordpress install process? Hard or easy?
    Great domain name! Fun!
    Thank you!
    More to come this week on WordPress!

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