Assignment 7 – Domain names!

Domain names….

Im using G0daddy to see if the names I come up with are availible.

And it turns out I did not come up with certain names because evey name I look up seems to already exist.

This made me think of a domain titled, where people can come and check if their ideas exist already or are infact orignal… the only thing is… it already exists.

Unless a different extension other than .com is used.
Moving on I decided to not use godaddy anymore because then we would be here forever.
I thought of this name because one thing i really enjoy is conversing with friends about movies we all watched. So for this website my idea was it would be a place where film lovers can join chats about diffrent movies they have watched and share their opinions on it. Does the domain name exist already? …
Another name I thought of was
Here the website will feature different interior design ideas. I thought of this because I recently saw a wooden waterfall island, with patterned wood and thought it would be cool if it were like a checkerboard wood island.
Honestly, this is where my ideas end right now.
Untill next time..

1 thought on “Assignment 7 – Domain names!”

  1. Cool!
    Great to see the context of how you came to those domain name selections, and yessss, many name and word-combinations have been bought and held in place for future websites, or to re-sell and auction the domains…. Internet Real Estate!
    Welcome to WordPress!
    Great work on this!

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