Assignment #8: Domain Name Registration

Most of the other domains that I was planning on using were taken already.

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Thankfully, was not taken yet, So I was able to have the domain.

The process was pretty easy to do, I didn’t have any issues installing WordPress. However, I started trying to see how to use WordPress and it’s a bit confusing I was having trouble adding GIFS and text to it, I was able to add a GIF at least. Hopefully, as time goes on I become more comfortable using it.

I’m excited and a bit overwhelmed to start working on the website because I’m scared that I may be putting too little or too much on the website or that I am unable to do what I want with the website. I have so many different ideas that I want to implement but I’m worried it might not look as good as I imagine it.

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5 thoughts on “Assignment #8: Domain Name Registration”

  1. So far so good!
    Congrats on your new site!
    There are many decisions that you will make as a part of the process, we will surely be adding and removing a lit of content and this serves as the contrast we need to go forward.
    Its a good thing.
    This week I will give an extensive tour on how to work with wordpress but there are tons of existing video tutorials on youtube, perhaps you can reference one and add that to your post for context :))))

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