Assignment #5

what are you inspired to do? What are you inspired to make or create?

I was inspired to create something that also reflects the inner me. I had this idea in my head for a long time now, I even tried to create something similar to it way before I joined this class. I always wanted to make something that means something different to someone else so that’s what I kind of had in mind 


  1. In a new blog post, share your experiences working with What are you compelled to create? What did you create? Be sure to share the published link to your page(s) – its a good idea to take screenshots and hyperlink directly to the screenshots. (we already know how to do this)

I built upon something I already had been working on in the past but this time I tried to connect other things around it while trying to just go with the flow rather than overthinking things. I can’t really put what I created into words you would just have to see for yourself. Though my goal was to make that have a different meaning to someone I’m not sure if I was able to do it or not.


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