Assignment# 8: My Domain

After a lot of trouble and going back and forth with preview/draft and deciding if I should publish or not my domain is finally up! It was a little confusing at the start but as I went along my WordPress journey things were starting to click. I ended up picking sauravonebasket as the domain because I wanted to post both One Piece and Basketball related clips onto my website. I have some clips in mind that I think are good enough for the start of the domain and will be adding on more as I go along. I was hoping it was a little bit similar to where everything can be dragged easily instead of going into the taskbar on the side and looking for it but once I was able to put some time into it I figured out what I needed to do.

Setting up the domain was easily because I just followed Professor Ryan’s video. The way we post and make changes is also very similar to how we already post our assignments so that makes things really easy and I hope to be able to do better with this going forward.