Assignment #8: Picking a Domain Name!

Domain time, if that’s a catchphrase! Haha!


I’ll give it a shot, I recognize that I’ll have to revisit and edit this post when the link comes out after spring break. I’m very sharp and inspired in this moment so I’ll share my first thought no problem. It’s a unique, odd yet intriguing option I feel wholeheartedly. It represents me and my culture in a mystic fashion.

Some others could be;,, or Depending on the route I take.

In terms of what I would like to cover on the site for the remaining weeks, I honestly want to revolve around my soccer team that I support. And they’re remaining 10 games of the season. Like match reports would be a cool idea. I have a brilliant site in my journalism class so it covers interviews and topics in my neighborhood and school. In this virtual realm, I’d rather stick to athletics to some degree.

Maybe a touch of comedy as I am a huge fan of Ryan Reynolds, and can report on some of my experiences in acting and comedy with my acting mentor? All at the 52nd street project.

Those are two solid websites of preference for me but the food network is another valid one so that all my hypothetical domains are referenced to an inspiration.

Perhaps a stroll into the food market, with some of my favorite recipes as another alternative would be a intriguing venture, no doubt.


Here’s that website on journalism I alluded to earlier for reference:

Having already had a website and seeing the growth, I am only encouraged and excited for the potential of this one! I got like 4,000 visits simply by sharing it on my Instagram story. 90 people escalated into that number so far! I love the networking possibilities!

Everyone enjoy your spring break! Come back recharged and ready to tackle the rest of the semester!


4 thoughts on “Assignment #8: Picking a Domain Name!”

  1. Excellent!
    Great work on this, and it is a nice example of your blogging skills evolving!
    These are great choices for domains, love how you connected the links and storytelling with the imagery!
    Forward motion!

  2. I’m not up to this assignment yet because I’m in the Tuesday class but after reading your blog I’m excited about the upcoming assignment. These seem like some great domain names! Hope you enjoy your spring break as well!

  3. You did a great job on this, and it shows off your blogging talents that you took the time to study the best works. These are excellent domain picks, and I really like how you linked the links and the narration to the imagery. I also think you know a lot about this kind of work. Your dedication and practice really paid off.

  4. Good day Kamil,
    Thanks for your outstanding post. i saw your profile link. it’s really a professional personal site. you organized your website very carefully and perfectly. it looks cool..

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