Assignment #5

For this assignment on ds106, I chose to do the Populate the Landscape one. I started off with an image similar to the one by Bob Ross desmonstrated in class. However the Image I chose was a painting called “Starry Night Over The Rhone” by Vincent Van Gogh

Because of the whole “Night Sky” theme with aspects such as stars in it, I thought it would make sense to stick with that theme by adding characters with that theme. The characters I added into the image via Photopea | Online Photo Editor will be pictured below

Starcast - SkylanderNutts

Star Strike – Skylanders Wiki - Skylanders von A-Z, Spyro's Adventure ...

The characters pictured above are from the Skylanders series, which is a toys-to-life video game series that released a total of 6 games ranging in release from 2011 to 2016. The first Image is of Starcast, a character in Skylanders Imaginators (2016) while the second Image is of Star Strike, a character in Skylanders Swap Force (2013). I chose these characters specifically because they fit the theme of the painting.

Prior to implementing these images into the Van Gogh Painting, I removed the backgrounds of the images via Remove Background from Image for Free –

The final product can be found here:

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