Assignment #8

Assignment #8 


WELCOME TO saramilaninc.com/ 


I’m proud to announce that I am the founder +CEO of saramilaninc. The website creation processes like creating a domain name and installing wordpress was very easy because I just followed the zoom video that Professor Ryan uploaded on assignment #8. As he was doing it himself I opened up a new tab on my computer and just copied everything he did which made it very easy. I’m glad we had that video because there were a lot of steps I could have forgotten easily like making sure I copy and paste my password and username into a blank document. 

So I chose the domain name saramilaninc as my domain name because it sounds like it could be the impetus for all the other ideas and content I want to display on my website. I mention in my domain name that I was passionate about cooking, fashion, journaling, and making reviews on products so I’m using this platform to umbrella all of these ideas.

Something really interesting Professor Ryan told us was that many well known websites use WordPress, for example Microsoft. So I decided to look at website to find inspiration on how I want my website too look and feel like a real website people enjoy looking at!! 


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  1. Excellent!
    Great domain name choice,
    Glad that the tutorial helped and that you are on your way building and customizing!
    Ill be peeking in for some cooking tips and recipes! Forward we go!

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