Assignment #9

I worked on the design of my website before I started WordPress, I already had an idea in mind however I did not get to see it come to life. To find the design was really hard since it fell like I had to come up with a new idea, but it was still fun cause that meant I would have to tap into my creative side. Navigating around themes and wordpress even though I watched the zoom videos and youtube it was still difficult to navigate things. I was able to remove the default content but it was really complicated, even when I would remove images and publish it, it seemed the old images would remain. I added something to already preexisting pages. I will use my new website to make things about myself,then again I  might  change my  mind.

3 thoughts on “Assignment #9”

  1. great.
    dont forget, we always need context and hyperlinks in each and every post that we make, please check some of my tutorials for how I use context and links to expand my posts.

    1. I added a hyperlink to my image so it would redirect you to my webpage but im not sure what you meant when you said to add a hyperlink. Also when you say context do you mean the way I tell a story ?

      1. Add a hyperlink meaning type out the URL and allow readers to see it and click on it – this works well in sync with an image that is hyperlinked to the same url 🙂

        Context relates to similar content or content that helps your readers get a few perspectives – it could be research or other examples. For example, if you are writing about animation, then share a few links to animation examples on the web that you like, or find inspirational.

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