Assignment 9


I hope everyone is well and having fun creating their websites. I know I  am.

As you know last time I mentioned that I will do more with my website and guess what? I have been doing more.
Cool right?
Thank you, you’re too kind.  I would like to talk about my work so far. I am using Colibri as the website editor I added it on my WordPress and so far it has been helping me to get what I want. Although I am having issues adding my artworks to the site and what I have in mind is to have multiple galleries on my website to show each style of my art.
What’s next I bet you’re wondering. Well besides adding the artwork I am thinking of replacing the image I have there  (which is mine btw I took it) and replacing it with a logo I want to make. I do not know what or how it looks like but I want it there to make it more of my style.
Well, that is what I have so far for everyone I will keep you guys updated on my next update. See ya!


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