Assignment 9 CT101


For my assignment in building my website for my podcast,I initially went into it thinking that it had to be something high level but after working on it for a while I realized that a minimalist mentality was best because I didn’t want the website to be too flashy I just wanted it to be something that fit the wrestling theme and delivered quality from a visual perspective while still maintaining its own unique identity and also  understanding the demographic that I hope to reach within the wrestling community as when I did my research looking at current wrestling websites such as PW Insider I had noticed that they had stuck to and almost 90s style layout with just the information and links to articles and this is one of the leading Pro Wrestling journalist websites out there so I drew some inspiration from them as I believe If it isn’t broke don’t fix it and if that’s what the fans want then less is more while also keeping in mind that as the audience grows the website will grow as well I feel as though the initial design captures Exactly what I want my podcast  and the viewers of it to feel when they watch which is that this is a humble website with a great product that’s still manages to capture the attention of the consumer without being  overwhelming which is especially important in the case of people with visual impairment and as someone who struggles with visual impairment and overstimulation as a disabled person I did my best to keep them in mind while constructing this website 


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