Assignment #9: I’m back


I’m back! Been a while, hasn’t it? I have been overwhelmed with readings and essays for English classes. Thankfully, I’ve managed to get myself situated. So let’s get to it.

The Ramos Hold

I’m kind of miffed that so far, the web builder doesn’t aid me in going for the look I wanted. Surely the more I learn as I go on, the better I’ll get at this. But from what I know now, I have this bland/simple-looking website. Although to be fair, that is what my style intends to do.

Something like this.

Previously, I’ve mentioned how I want my website to feel, but  I haven’t said how I want it to look. Style-wise, I want it to look like video game text boxes. I had planned for it to give off the impression of my readers being in an RPG-styled game alongside the illusion as if they were talking to someone. Sadly, the website doesn’t have the font that you see above. My website has more of an MTA-sign feel due to the font.

Why would I want to do that for a blog? Make my blog feel like I’m talking to people. Well, that’s how reading feels. At least to me. It’s all in the perspective the book uses. A first-person view gives me the impression of someone telling me a story they have experienced. A second-person view makes it feel like someone is telling a story or message about me to me. And finally, a third-person view feels like someone is telling a story about someone else’s life. In a sense, books provide a person to talk to.


Aside from being my blog, I want this website also to be a portfolio of sorts. I plan on putting my works here. My study being where you’ll hear my opinion of other pieces of media, and my library being where you’ll find my works. Convenient no?

2 thoughts on “Assignment #9: I’m back”

  1. Great work on this!
    (This is a great post in its entirety) but also as a statement of intent that will get things rolling in the direction that you want!
    I know your work ethic, and I know that you will get the site to look exactly as you wish! Be patient with the process, our website tinkering will go waaaaay into the future!
    There are many wordpress based plug-ins that help you add fonts! Check tis link:

  2. Welcome back! I too took a long unexpected break. I was feeling extremely overwhelmed by schoolwork. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I look forward to seeing all your work to come!
    I don’t want to peek at your website yet, to stay in the timeline of things but I’m sure it’s great!

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