Assigment #10: The first post!

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I feel like as time moves on, my post is getting shorter. But there is a reason why this happens, it is just the technology we are using. Adapting to new technology is no easy task. But we are getting there. I think that with time the transition to make a new blog post → customized → start blogging will get better, sadly we don’t have much time to experience that.


Here is what I have been using my time to make sure I do all of that at once. You can go into this blogpost and there will be my first, well technically not first, but it will be a post. Showing of what I want my website to be about. It was a bit hard coming with an idea of what to do with the website. But not because I did not know what to make it about, but which one to choose from all the options I had.

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2 thoughts on “Assigment #10: The first post!”

  1. Great!
    I like how you formatted this post to engage us and lead us to your personal site!
    Lol, yes the posts on CT101 will become shorter as the real content will be over on your personal sites!
    The web hosting and domain will last for 1 year so there is sooo much time to keep going!
    Plus, you can always renew your domain and hosting and I highly encourage it!
    Good work!
    The new site is looking good too!

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