Assignment #9 – WordPress Customizing Fun

This week, I worked on developing a logo, background, and the about section. The background was simple and enjoyable. The logo was difficult to troubleshoot because most websites demanded a fee and choosing a logo was challenging. The first step was to log into WordPress. The second step was to update my post. Step 3: Locate an image for my background. The fourth step is to design a logo. In the future, I plan to use my website to archive my natural hair experience and give suggestions on how to achieve long beautiful natural hair. My website will have a series of posts on my natural hair journey, from the beginning to the end.   Check out  and tell me what you think. I’m super excited to share my hair journey with you guys. 

So Excited Reaction GIF by MOODMAN

Art Hair GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals
Art Hair GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals
Natural Hair GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals
A visual representation of a big chop. The big chop is cutting of all relaxed ends to start a natural hair journey

6 thoughts on “Assignment #9 – WordPress Customizing Fun”

  1. This is looking good!
    Great GIFs for context! Im excited to see how your site builds up!
    I really like the background graphic on the site.
    Oops, just one lil mistake – remember we are not using – we are using a self hosted version of – (its very very common to confuse the two) You may want to update that link so that your readers know.
    It might be nice to also see the steps listed above get displayed as a list, meaning if you share a step by step process, hit the return key on your keyboard to create paragraphs – it gives the flow of the post a bit more breathing room and helps isolate the content.
    (check out how my posts are formatted where images and GIFs are placed between paragraphs of text, it helps break up the flow of the post a bit 🙂
    Good work! Thank you!

  2. Double check this post – looks like a long URL visible in your post might lead to your account while it is logged in, which means no one can see it except you, I think you may have meant to show where you log in to your website via the back end of the website – this is personal info so there is no need to hyper link to that 🙂

    The version of wordpress that we use is

    I would remove this below:

    Thank you!

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