The Final post-website!

My Final Post about My Website & my reflection

My grasp of digital media and storytelling has improved as a result of the many useful skills and ideas I have gained in CT101, the Digital Storyteller course. The value of using a variety of digital tools and platforms to create engaging narratives was one of the course’s main lessons.I improved my ability to use various multimedia components, like GIFs, memes, photos, and videos, to enhance the storytelling process throughout the course. I learned how to use these components skillfully to draw in viewers and elicit strong feelings. I also looked into the effectiveness of blogging and social media sites as channels for disseminating digital content to a larger audience.gained WordPress skills, allowing me to tailor and individualize my website digital storytelling initiatives. This information gave me a wealth of opportunities to express my ideas and interact with others online.

I completed a few easy steps to construct a website using WordPress. I first registered a domain with Reclaim Hosting, then I created a WordPress account and chose a theme that complemented my taste and objectives. Then, I added pages, menus, and widgets to the site to make it my own. I released my work and made it available to everyone at last.When I think back on my time in CT101, I am immensely thankful for the chance to hone my abilities in digital storytelling. The course gave me a solid foundation in digital media literacy, giving me the tools I need to express myself and communicate in the digital world. I now understand the narrative craft better and the power it has to unite individuals from different eras and places.Additionally, CT101 encouraged me to experiment and be curious, which motivated me to learn about cutting-edge technology and challenge conventional storytelling conventions.

I now have a growth attitude and am motivated to keep developing my skills in digital storytelling since the program stressed the value of accepting failure as a stepping stone to success. CT101 has been a rewarding and transformational experience overall. I’ve improved my practical abilities, broadened my creative horizons, and learned more about how narratives are shaped by digital media. As I continue to develop as a digital storyteller, I can’t wait to use these fresh abilities and insights in my future ventures, both personally and professionally.

I participated in our class, turned in assignments on time, and left some thoughtful remarks. I constantly showed that I had a solid grasp of the course subject and had successfully applied it to my projects.  I was unable to routinely attend class because of travel time and distance because my family moved to the Staten Island. I am aware that this is a poor justification, but I have to stay home to care for my wife, mother, and children. I also have a job to help support my family. however, I completed every task and edition. I went above and above to demonstrate my originality, critical thinking, and effort, and I think I will get an A. This is my last semester , Grade A can boost my overall GPA.




My time in the CT101 Digital Storyteller class was tremendously rewarding. I valued the chance to experiment with new digital tools and platforms and hone my narrative abilities. It was energizing to be able to use my ideas freely and try out different multimedia techniques. Additionally, the welcoming neighborhood and cooperative atmosphere promoted fruitful conversations and the sharing of various viewpoints.I want to use my newly acquired abilities to communicate and interact with others in the real world by using digital media. I want to share gripping stories that uplift, educate, and arouse emotions whether I’m doing it through blogging, social media, or multimedia projects. I want to use these abilities to leave a lasting impression in the digital world, develop important connections, and constructively contribute to online dialogue.




Yes, I’m dedicated to maintaining and running my new website. I’ll use a number of tactics to make sure it endures and remains relevant. In order to provide visitors with new and interesting content, I will first constantly update the content by releasing new blog entries, articles, or multimedia components. I’ll also keep a close eye on the website’s performance,




take care of any technical problems as they arise, and maintain an aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly design. I’ll also frequently backup the information on my website to guard against possible loss. Finally, in order to create a feeling of community and promote continual communication, I will actively communicate with my audience through comments, criticism, and social media.

Final Website   > link  <    & description:




Welcome to my brand-new website for blog posts! The design is simple and intuitive, and the header features my logo in a fashionable way. The menu bar has important submenus like





and “Photography.”


The “About” part contains details about me and my experience blogging, and the “Contact” section enables readers to get in touch with me quickly. The “Photography” area of the website highlights my eye-catching images, improving its overall visual appeal. This website was created using the flexible content management system WordPress. WordPress provides a variety of programmable themes and plugins that have made website creation easier. It has made it possible for me to easily manage and publish my blog content while also producing an attractive and responsive design.

In terms of visually encapsulating my brand and establishing a smooth user experience, building this website has been successful. However, I have struggled to make some design features my own and guarantee the best plugin compatibility. However, the process of creating and maintaining a website has been tremendously fulfilling, allowing me to interact with a larger audience and share my passion for photography.

In conclusion, setting up a WordPress website provides both individuals and organizations with a wide range of opportunities to develop a powerful online presence. It’s an excellent platform for modification and expansion thanks to its user-friendly interface and wide selection of plugins. Additionally, the CT 101 course equips students with priceless knowledge and abilities that enable them to confidently navigate the digital world and unleash their limitless creative potential. This CT 101 class is the last class in my bachelor college program. just only this class i am taking this semester to be graduated. i really like this class especially Prof Ryan Seslow. I would remember this class in my enter life.

God bless everyone!

Assignment#10-Part 2

A website navigation menu is often placed at the top or side of a webpage. It can be graphic or textual. Users can use it as a navigational guide to move between different sections or pages of a website. It offers categorized links or buttons that make it simple to access the site’s numerous contents or features.




The main tool for directing visitors through a website’s structure and content is its navigation menu. Visitors can quickly locate and access various pages or parts thanks to its role as a useful and aesthetically pleasing roadmap. The navigation menu improves usability, makes it easier to navigate the website, and improves user experience.

Plugins in WordPress are additional software components that extend the functionality of a website. They can be easily installed and activated, adding new features, tools, or customization options to the WordPress site. Plugins offer a wide range of capabilities, such as SEO optimization, security enhancements, e-commerce functionality, contact forms, image galleries, and much more.

Plugins help websites by adding specific functionalities and features that enhance their performance and user experience. They allow website owners to extend the capabilities of their sites without extensive coding or development work. Plugins can improve SEO, optimize site speed, provide security measures, integrate social media, create forms, add e-commerce functionality, enhance design elements, and much more, ultimately enabling website owners to customize and tailor their sites to meet specific needs and goals.


We must create websites in order to establish a digital presence, disseminate knowledge, communicate with a global audience, advertise goods and services, increase customer engagement, enable online transactions, enhance visibility, and adapt to the digital era, in which the internet serves as the main platform for communication and interaction.

My blog

WordPress is a well-liked content management system that makes building and maintaining websites simple. It has an intuitive user interface, themes that can be changed, and plugins for more functionality. WordPress enables users to effortlessly construct and update websites without the need for in-depth technical experience, making it available to both people and companies.


For creating your own website, having a personal domain has various benefits. First off, it gives you a distinct and expert online identity that builds your brand or online presence. Second, it gives you total control over the content, appearance, and functionality of your website, enabling customization and individualization. Thirdly, adopting a personal domain builds credibility because it presents as more reliable and professional than using a subdomain or free hosting services. It also helps search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns, which increases website visibility. Last but not least, a personal domain enables future mobility and scalability, allowing you to move hosting companies or grow your website without having to change its URL.


 An internet website’s domain is its distinctive name or address. In essence, it serves as a physical location’s street address online. The actual domain name, which is typically chosen to reflect the brand or purpose of the website, and the extension, which identifies the type of organization the website represents (e.g.,.com for commercial,.org for organization,.edu for educational institutions, etc.), make up a domain name.With the help of QuillBot’s paraphraser, you can rapidly and effectively rework and rephrase your content by taking your sentences and making adjustments!

My personal domain


A domain name is significant for a personal website for a number of reasons. In the beginning, it aids in creating a distinct online identity and makes it simpler for users to remember and access the website. Additionally, it lends the website a degree of professionalism and legitimacy, particularly if the domain name is directly connected to the site’s goal or content. This is especially crucial for people who use their personal website for work, like job seekers or independent contractors. What you want altered should go here. After that, click the button below. It’s that simple!

My- my.domain


Additionally, since a personalized domain name makes a website simpler to find online, it might aid in search engine optimization (SEO). A domain name that is simple to recall and pertinent to the website’s subject matter can also enhance the possibility that users will recommend the site to others, boosting traffic and broadening the website’s audience. In general, a domain name is an essential part of any personal website because it contributes to the development of a credible online identity.

Assignment#9: Journey Begins


A web hosting firm called Reclaim Hosting offers user-friendly, reasonably priced hosting services for both private customers and businesses. They offer individualized customer care as well as domain registration services, and they specialize in supporting open-source programs like WordPress, Omeka, and others. Additionally, Reclaim Hosting supports the goal of enabling people to take charge of their online presence and govern their digital identity.


You may open a hosting account with Reclaim Hosting, select a domain name, and set up a content management system (CMS) like WordPress to utilize for your website. Using templates or original designs, you can then develop and publish your website, and Reclaim Hosting will offer support and maintenance services to make sure it stays up and functional.


Students who wish to take control of their online identity and establish a credible online presence may want to sign up for a Reclaim Hosting account. It gives them a chance to present their abilities, endeavors, and successes to potential employers or partners. Additionally, Reclaim Hosting provides a user-friendly platform, inexpensive price options, and individualized customer service to assist students in honing their site design and development abilities.

Reclaim Hosting offers interaction with a variety of educational tools and platforms, including learning management systems (LMS), ePortfolios, and digital badges, so that students can connect with other learning systems. Students may be able to effortlessly share their content across many platforms and demonstrate their accomplishments on their Reclaim Hosting website thanks to this connection. Furthermore, Reclaim Hosting’s support for open-source software gives designers and developers more freedom when creating and executing unique learning experiences for students.






An internet website’s domain is its distinctive name or address. In essence, it serves as a physical location’s street address online. The actual domain name, which is typically chosen to reflect the brand or purpose of the website, and the extension, which identifies the type of organization the website represents (e.g.,.com for commercial,.org for organization,.edu for educational institutions, etc.), make up a domain name.With the help of QuillBot’s paraphraser, you can rapidly and effectively rework and rephrase your content by taking your sentences and making adjustments!

A domain name is significant for a personal website for a number of reasons. In the beginning, it aids in creating a distinct online identity and makes it simpler for users to remember and access the website. Additionally, it lends the website a degree of professionalism and legitimacy, particularly if the domain name is directly connected to the site’s goal or content. This is especially crucial for people who use their personal website for work, like job seekers or independent contractors. What you want altered should go here. After that, click the button below. It’s that simple!



Additionally, since a personalized domain name makes a website simpler to find online, it might aid in search engine optimization (SEO). A domain name that is simple to recall and pertinent to the website’s subject matter can also enhance the possibility that users will recommend the site to others, boosting traffic and broadening the website’s audience. In general, a domain name is an essential part of any personal website because it contributes to the development of a credible online identity.

We can gain from having our own domain since it gives us a professional online identity, displays our work and skills, and enables us to control our online presence. Additionally, it makes individuals stand out in a crowded job market by showcasing their knowledge and digital literacy.Changes to your text are highlighted in orange, and you can add more by clicking on individual words and changing them with synonyms. Test it out!

Assignment#7- Mid-semester reflection

Since I’ve been in college, I can honestly say that CT 101 has been a really simple and understandable class for me. My head wouldn’t be under any stress from tasks for CT 101. The professor is very helpful and provides us with a highly practical and easily accessible syllabus, which helps me complete my tasks. I learn about digital technology, media, and communication in CT 101. It appears that the majority of me appreciate the course based on feedback and reviews from me and those who have taken the course. This is probably because the course equips me with fundamental knowledge and abilities that are applicable in the current digital era. Also, the course provides useful, hands-on projects and professional pursuits.

I pick up a variety of digital technology, media, and communication skills in CT 101. The following are some of the most important things I might discover and remember from the course: how to build and maintain online properties including blogs, websites, and social media accounts. how to interact and connect with others online using various digital tools and platforms. How to evaluate digital media critically and comprehend its social impact. How to use open educational resources and creative commons licensing, as well as how to navigate and use digital resources. Overall, it appears that CT 101 is a course that I believe to be educational, fascinating, and helpful to students’ academic and professional endeavors.

The assignments from CT 101 or each blog post show the development of our knowledge and abilities. It is likely that I  would develop and cultivate a range of digital skills throughout the course, including content creation, digital collaboration, critical analysis of digital media, and digital literacy, based on the curriculum and structure of the class and the use of tools like PHOTOPEA, GIPHY, FIGMA, ADOBE, and MEME, among others. These abilities can be used in a variety of personal and professional contexts and are crucial in the current digital age.


I’ll share what I didn’t know how to do before enrolling in this course. I was probably introduced to a variety of digital tools and platforms throughout the course, as well as various types of digital storytelling like podcasting, video production, and personal blogs. There may have been discussions in the class on open educational resources, copyright laws, and digital ethics. CT 101 probably gave students a more comprehensive understanding of digital media and technology overall, which can be useful in a variety of personal and professional circumstances.

I might not have known about the wide range of digital tools and platforms available for content creation and storytelling before enrolling in CT 101 Digital Storytellers. They might also not have fully comprehended open educational resources, copyright restrictions, and digital ethics. I may not have been familiar with the various ways in which digital storytelling tools like blogging, podcasting, and video creation may be utilized to share ideas and stories. The exposure to digital media and technology that CT 101 would have given me would have been helpful in a variety of personal and professional settings.

I believe I am keeping my grade at a B, but I would work incredibly hard to keep my grade at an A. I must get an A in order to raise my final grade point average. My last semester is right now.


As I receive feedback from the professor on my weekly blogging, I can definitely see how my creativity is growing. Due to the fact that students in the CT 101 class are always learning new digital skills and concepts, my blog entries may become longer each week if they have a lot of homework. They acquire more information and experience as they finish assignments, which they can then use to improve their blog articles. The class may also inspire me to reflect on my growth and learning, which I might record in their blog postings. . My ability to demonstrate my improvement and growth over the course of the course is furthered by growing my blog postings each week. Overall, producing and publishing blog entries regularly can help me to develop my critical thinking, writing, and digital communication skills.

I never skipped any assignments. I consistently do it once a week.

I do voice my opinion often. I didn’t have time to comment at first. But I would examine it and get it back.


I apologize sincerely for not being able to participate in class on time. since my family and I relocated to Staten Island. The journey to Jamaica is long. I was unable to attend class since I was helping my family. I’ve only taken two classes in this semester. This is my last semester. I take my other course entirely online. Yet I finish my tasks and review the Zoom class recordings every week. It really helps me out. I believe the professor would comprehend and be able to comprehend my issue.

I can help my professors enhance CT 101 by giving my comments and actively participating in the learning experience. Sharing my ideas and opinions on the class, including what they liked and what I thought could be better, is one method to achieve this. I can also recommend fresh subjects or tasks that I believe will improve my learning. In order to further their understanding, I  can also actively participate in class discussions, work with my classmates, and look for extra resources. I can help CT 101 class continue to develop and make sure that it satisfies the changing demands of digital learners by taking ownership of my learning and offering helpful criticism.


Assinment#6- Synthesis

The ability to use different digital tools to convey engrossing and fascinating stories is referred to as digital storytelling creativity. This can involve enhancing the storytelling process with multimedia components including pictures, movies, and music. A short video that uses visual effects and sound design to communicate a message or emotion is an example of creative digital storytelling.


Digital innovation can inspire narrative by giving us fresh, creative means of getting our point through. Digital tools allow us to build immersive and interactive experiences that captivate audiences and bring our tales to life. For instance, using virtual or augmented reality can take our audience to many locations and eras, making the storytelling experience more potent and unforgettable.

Behance,     Adobe


The ability to produce and share tales in real-time or nearly real-time, frequently through social media or other online platforms, is referred to as “digital storytelling immediacy.” For example, live video, in-the-moment updates, and social media posts can all be used to give the storytelling process a sense of immediacy or urgency. A journalist using live streaming video to report breaking news as it occurs could serve as an illustration of the immediacy of digital storytelling. Because it enables storytellers to interact with their audience in real time and foster a sense of shared experience and community, this kind of storytelling might serve as an inspiration for digital storytelling. Also, it may present a chance for more direct and unadulterated storytelling.

  1. Facebook: , TikTok: , Instagram: , Twitter:


Digital storytelling intuition is the capacity to employ emotional intelligence and intuition to tell stories that connect with audiences more deeply. To do this, one could draw on one’s own experiences, empathy, and intuition to produce stories that are more real and accessible. A personal essay or memoir that incorporates the author’s innermost feelings and thoughts into the story can serve as an illustration of digital storytelling intuition. Digital storytellers can be inspired by this kind of storytelling by being inspired to trust their emotions and intuition when developing engaging stories for their audience.

Being alive in the world of digital storytelling can mean having the power to write and share tales that touch others deeply, bridging space and time. Definitions and interpretations of digital storytelling originate from a range of sources, including academics, professionals, and users. Using digital tools to create interactive and immersive narratives, for instance, may be the focus of one interpretation, while another may place more emphasis on the value of personal experiences in storytelling.



By learning new digital tools and techniques, exploring various genres and forms, and experimenting with narrative approaches, I can expand my creative potential and imagination for digital storytelling. By actively searching out new experiences and viewpoints, working with other creatives, and pushing the limits of my own narrative skills, I can take action. I may, for instance, take part in seminars or webinars on digital storytelling, join online creative groups, or develop my own digital storytelling project utilizing a novel technology or method.

For my assignment, I created a digital narrative telling using Figma. A design tool called Figma provides a variety of imaginative options for creating user interfaces, digital products, and visual narratives. Designers may collaborate on projects with others successfully and efficiently because to its collaboration features.

In order to complete my task, I used various web browsers, including Giphy, Photopea, and Figma. My web browser has a great deal of creative potential because it gives me access to so many online tools and resources for making and sharing digital art. I may use it to research fresh concepts and sources of inspiration, work with others, and test out various digital tools and platforms. For instance, I can utilize my browser to learn new storytelling techniques, access online seminars or tutorials, and find new creative communities to work with.

i really like to work here and i enjoyed my assignment with many creative potential tools.


My idea is traveling space x that would be very popular in next decade. The simple think I would share with you that need to know.Traveling into space means leaving Earth and going to another planet. The surroundings of the earth, moon, and other planets are known as space. Using a space rocket called the space shuttle, humans can travel to space and stay there for days or even months at a time. Operating costs for space flight are high.


An effective collaboration with two US businesses to resupply the International Space Station has been made possible by NASA’s ambitious commercial space program. This collaboration is transforming how NASA conducts business and fostering the growth of a robust American commercial space economy.

I have chosen this project because space travel would be commercial after few years later. NASA and Space x both are trying to accelerate the project improvement.

I think I need to learn the proper processing of the tools to make my project more exciting and more acceptable. throughout my project I would learn hoe to manipulate the photoshop, adobe and more editing and video graphic design.


Storytelling abilities are crucial because they help us connect with others, including clients and coworkers. Speaking to an audience or disseminating knowledge to others requires strong storytelling abilities. That’s why skills are more important.

I have another project is the editing the picture for advertisement post or posting for personal blog. I have used photo pea to make my project very simple for posting or make my personal advertisement. It could be business purposes or personal . this project makes me so funny and I enjoyed to work on it


My Passion!

For many fans of the beautiful game, European football is their absolute favorite .this is my passion. European football provides excitement, drama, and a sense of community for fans all over the world thanks to teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona’s storied rivalries as well as the extraordinary skill and athleticism of players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. The fervor of the sport is only increased by the intense atmosphere of European stadiums and the prestige of winning trophies like the Champions League.

I’m passionate about many different facets of football as a sport. They are attracted by the players’ athleticism and skill, the thrill of nail-biting games and exciting comebacks, and the sense of belonging that comes from rooting for a certain team. Football also conveys a sense of tradition and history thanks to its renowned players and iconic stadiums. Football’s global appeal, from small clubs to major international competitions like the World Cup, feeds the fervor of its supporters, who are bonded by a love of the game.

The legendary Brazilian footballer Pele is recognized as one of the all-time greats. He earned numerous individual honors throughout his career and led Brazil to three World Cup titles with his brilliant talent, ingenuity, and goal-scoring prowess. The legacy of Pele in the game lives on today.


The life of Pele and the evaluation of his football career rank among my most fascinating observations on the sport. I have numerous personal insights and recollections regarding his life as one of the greatest football players of all time. He has discussed the difficulties he encountered as a young athlete and the effects his childhood in poverty had on his career. I’ll discuss his greatest triumphs and setbacks, including his three World Cup championships with Brazil. He has discussed the value of respect, discipline, and collaboration in football and how these virtues have aided his success on and off the field. My thoughts and experiences provide a special perspective on the game and the way a real football legend thinks.

Football frequently allows me to express my personality and identity through my attire, accessories, and other memorabilia linked to my favorite players or teams. This includes apparel with the team’s emblems or colors, such as hats, scarves, and jerseys.I also demonstrate my personality by my actions when playing sports, such as unison shouting and singing, waving flags or banners, or taking other positive actions. I’ve even been known to write my own original songs or chants to promote my favorite teams.Also, I communicate with other fans on social media and in online forums like facebook and tik tok to offer my ideas on the sport. This can involve talking about individual players, team tactics, and game or competition analysis. Overall, through a mix of my appearance, actions, and online presence, football communicates my personality and identity. My passion for sports and my allegiance to certain teams frequently shape who I am as a person and how I express myself.


Internet memes are able to communicate complicated ideas through humor, satire, and irony, making them a type of digital art. They may not conform to conventional notions of art, but they reflect modern culture and have the power to inspire and influence artistic creativity.

Will we one day find the front page of Reddit in the Louvre museum?

Memes may be visual platform but they are not an art form.

memes are art.

The Internet meme meets the bill if the goal of art is to represent a human reality, even though art is always growing. We utilize memes, like many other types of art, to comprehend, analyze, and communicate ideas about the world we live in. Internet memes exhibits emphasize their significance and honor them as cultural icons.

There is disagreement on how memes affect art. While some contend that memes diminish the worth of conventional art, others regard them as a type of digital art that captures modern culture. The use of memes and whether they encourage or impede innovation will ultimately determine how they affect art. Depending on their context, substance, and audience, memes can be beneficial or detrimental for communication.
Memes are forms of self-expression that give people a relatable and humorous outlet for expressing their thoughts and feelings. But, they are more than just a means of self-expression because they have the ability to affect societal concerns, reflect cultural attitudes, and alter public conversation. The value of memes ultimately rests on how well they connect with and influence their audience.
By fusing text and graphics in a narrative that is both amusing and educational, memes can be utilized for storytelling. They may be employed to narrate private narratives, address contemporary societal issues, or parody popular culture. Memes are a great narrative tool in the digital age because they are frequently utilized online to humorously and ironically express complex topics.
my favorite memes are :
These three memes are al time favorite to me.
Finding a harmony between comedy and authenticity is important when creating a narrative that combines memes and personal experiences. I can communicate relatable feelings and experiences while also using comedy and satire to engage and entertain the audience by using memes to represent personal experiences. The secret is to intelligently use memes without sacrificing the sincerity and openness of human narrative.
User-friendliness, features, and customizability of meme-making software differ. Canva, Imgflip, and Adobe Spark are a few of the well-liked choices. Imgflip offers more control but might be overwhelming for beginners, whereas Canva is simple to use but lacks advanced editing features.
Although Adobe Spark is flexible, a subscription is necessary. In addition to a large collection of templates and assets, a new tool might provide a good combination of advanced functionality and user-friendliness.


I was very worried and a bit confused about this class. I thought this class would be to much coding and lots of homework and assignment. But when I saw the professor and his lecture then I could understand this class is not for fear. This class is fun and easy to learn. Yes I heard about this class from my friend that he had taken last semester and said about the professor. My friend said professor Ryan is a very nice person and he records classes for tutoring at home. I feel so much fun and happy myself.

If I compare this class to some of my other classes then I would say this is very fun learning and I would not have to worry about a better grade. The creative potentiality is the making of gif editing video and do some fun stories.

I feel so good myself that now I am able to make my own GIF and learn about new software that would help me in the future to create new things.

Assignment#1: Happy Things

this week I am so much happy and so much energetic. Because after two months later I am starting to go to the gym again. The last couple of months the weather was cold and windy that’s why I did not go out for sports and other physical activities. Finally, the weather is going to become so sweetie and  I promised myself beginning of the year that I will change myself lose weight and gain some muscle.

After a couple of days later in my gym I am feeling so much more refreshed and light my self. Workout is really a good thing to improve body and mind. I think it has lots of benefits and everyone shout go to the gym.

This Gif really inspired me to gain some muscle. Whenever I see any workout-related picture or gif it really pushes me up to go to the gym and make myself according to the gif WorkoutGif