Assignment#1 What Makes You Happy on the Internet?

I Scream Food!!!!           

I love watching food channels on YouTube. This week I was scrolling and saw a food channel by the name of “Best Ever Food Review Show.” A guy by the name of Sonny that is from the US but lives in Asia for ten years started making food and decided to do travel videos and keeping documents of each experience.

I find this remarkably interesting and helpful because we the viewers will be eager to travel these places to capture our own experiences.

What caught my eye about this video is the fact that he was in my country trying all the local authentic food including our national dish which is Ackee and Saltfish.

He also dives into one of our hottest and most popular go to food in the summer which is Crab. I love Crab

One of my dreams in life is to travel different countries and try other authentic food, so this video is very inspirating to me and I anticipate upcoming videos from this channel.

2 thoughts on “Assignment#1 What Makes You Happy on the Internet?”

  1. Looking good!
    Great assortment of GIFs & video!
    Lets add a hyperlink for “Best Ever Food Review Show” – that is so needed here!
    Perhaps you could also expand the written aspect of this post, share another reflection about food in your country, perhaps a very memorable one?
    Good work so far!

    1. Reading your post made me hungry ! haha I did enjoy going through your post because it was as if I was there watching this man eating the crab, I also like your gifs they were very fun and creative.

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