CT101 Final Blog Post & Course Completion Information

The race is not for the swift!

I must say this was a journey. I enjoy every moment of this class and really get to see how creative I am and also communicating with other classmates when we meet in person. This class has built me into a well-rounded student and have opened my mind to different technique that can last for a lifetime. I will apply my new skills into the world by helping people with business website from setting up to giving them ideas on content that will grab any consumer attention. Also, I am looking forward in the future to open my own business so this will be beneficial to me as well.

Most definitely, I feel a lot of joy blogging Jamaican cuisines and showing all the other delicious food we have in our culture that is not here in America. Even though I will be busy in the summer with work, I will drop by couple times in the week to at least blog and show image of what I prepare for dinner or any restaurants I visit.

Assignment#1 What Makes You Happy on the Internet? – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu)

GIF is amazing – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu)

Assignment #3 – Are MEME’s ART? – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu)

Assignment #4 DS106 – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu)

Assignment #5

Assignment #6 – The Mid-Semester Assessment Post – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu)

Assignment#7 Picking A Domain Name! – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu)

Assignment #8 Registering domain name – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu)

Assignment#9 The WordPress Customizing Series, Part 1 – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu)

Assignment#10 Exploring the WordPress Potentials, Part II! – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu)

Assignment#11 Panoramic Storytelling & Multiplicity – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu)

Assignment#12 Share your Website’s URL & Some Social Media Fun – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu)

All assignment was great, and I must appreciate Professor Seslow for introducing me to all these websites, I definitely learn a lot and will never forget. Website like word press, Imgur, GIPHY, knowing how to hyperlink, embedding, memes, photopea, go daddy, mmm.page. Plus knowing all these websites has made me explore and find other websites that does the same job as these one above.

Jamaican Cuisines (tatypaan.com)

Please don’t forget to stop by on my website because there is a whole lot more blog in store. Stay tuned.

Lastly, I did well from having two assignments done to now having all my assignments including final blog post. I am so proud of myself, and I know I could have done even better but I am pleased and grateful for what I have now. I deserve a B+ to a A- for this class only because I did not comment on all my classmates blog post. I am hoping for the best. Thank you professor Seslow for everything. You are a great Professor!


Assignment#12 Share your Website’s URL & Some Social Media Fun

The two websites I have analyze and enjoyed the content are:  https://aquicklaugh.com/


Stella website “A quick laugh” is a catching phrase that really got my attention. I like how the GIPHY are used up. You made the right selection when it comes on to the pictures used for the memes. As I went on the website I started laughing. You have a great content and keep up the good work. The only thing I think you should add is a background, like a really hilarious one. Good Job!

Elizabeth your website is making me crave for some Jollof rice right now, until I know how to cook it, I will no longer order from any restaurant. I enjoy watching Nigerian food content on YouTube so much. Thank you for sharing the recipe for the jollof rice. You have great content and I hope to see more from you in the future. The only thing I see you could add is somewhere on the website that we can leave a comment. I am not sure if you have one but, on my end, I was not seeing it. I had to send my comments in the contact section. Good Job!

I must say all my classmates made some really nice content, very creative and out the box. Good job everyone!

Assignment#11 Panoramic Storytelling & Multiplicity


Wow, I did not know how this Panoramic feature work until now.

I enjoy shopping and exploring. Each time I come to Pearl River Mart, I just stand and admire the cool items that is in this store. I am fascinated over the chopsticks and cute bags that are shape into boba, cherry, cup noodles and chocolate milk. I can hear each item saying ” Pick me, buy me ” as the winds blow on my ears. I can smell the sweet cherry blossom candles and the ceramics steering at me. Each time I left, and return felt like the very first time walking through those doors. What a joyful experience and you should explore too.




Assignment #6 – The Mid-Semester Assessment Post





Assignment #5

  1. I am feeling worried, anxious and disappointed at the same time. Due to my stressful workload and internship, I was not able to dedicate my full attention to each and every assignment which I feel horrible about because this class is indeed fun and have great contents to learn. I am not happy with how I’m doing in this class so far but moving forward I will try my best to do well and receive a grade I feel please about in the end.

2. So far, I feel like I’m not doing so well when it comes on to points which have me worried, I really want a A for this class, but I know my grades are not on that level, really disappointed and wish I did this class during my freshman year, but I only can think about moving forward and what I can change. I hope to finish the semester strong with the grade I really desire.

3. Few things that I have learned and retained the most are Hyperlinking, embedding and making memes. So cool to learn, and I use them so easy without thinking twice. Learning these tools will be essential for me when using my website or any other activity.

4. The new skills I have developed, cultivated and displayed regularly in my weekly post is making sure I showcase creative post, always hyperlinking important information that can be used as evidence, embedding if needed and just following the instructions.  This class has opened my mind to think outside the box.

5. I have a lot of potential when it comes on to creating blog post with different ideas that are unique. This class has shown me how creative I am which will help me display those ethics in my future career. My only regret is not being on time with some of my assignments, I feel like I would be even more creative.

6. I definitely know how to embed a content which I never know. I tend to copy and paste which don’t always work for some content. Embedding gives a preview which I absolutely love. So grateful to learn this technique.

7. I see changes in my weekly blog posts, I normally just add one or two GIPHY and my information. But now I think about ideas first before starting, that way I will see which area I’m lacking and improve as I go along. I see my growth and I know things will get even better.

8. Yes, I am missing:



Assignment #5

I only comment on four classmates blog post so far which I need to work on, and I know I will be able to by the end of the semester. I take the professor and classmates comments into consideration and will do the necessary corrections. I do participate whenever the professor asks a question or want us to raise a hand or thumps up. I am accountable for all the work I did and did not do.  Moving forward, I will try my best to get everything done before the semester end. Dedicating a day to at least get two or three blog post done. This will be effective for me, and I anticipate enjoying those moments.

I feel disappointed, and worried at the same time knowing that I am not up to pace with these blog post as I wanted. Plus, I have plenty workload from other courses and internship. This semester is one of my most stressful since attending York, maybe because am graduating. Just hoping for the best, but I know I will pull through all these obstacles.

Assignment#9 The WordPress Customizing Series, Part 1

HIIIII Everyone!

This is my website feel free to visit and leave a comment.

So, I will start talking about the steps I take on building my website. I did all the setting up ahead of time when I first went on word press, I change my theme, I did all the necessary adjustment to my liking, to make things easier for me and to also get right into adding my contents. I definitely follow Professor Seslow on each step which was very helpful.

Furthermore, I got started with my website and post all the contents that I will be talking about. I made all the adjustments in the “about this site” and “Find Us” section which will be below.

After creating everything, I like how it all turned out, but I felt like it was missing something. I add couple backgrounds, but it didn’t work out because it was hard to read the content. I browse around and still did not find anything suitable. Then an idea just pop into my head. I started to think about using the Jamaica flag colors as my background, I wasn’t able to add all three colors, but I add two.

Please feel free to leave a comment on my website. This is just the starting of my journey, I will be adding more contents, who knows I may show you different places I have visit when in Jamaica.


Assignment#7 Picking A Domain Name!

Names! That must be fun

When choosing a good domain name, I wanted something that is unique and able to stand out. I am excited and nervous at the same time with having my own website since it’s something new to me and I will have to be aware of different version that is out on word press and updating my content.

The Domain names I have come up with so far will be below:

  1. Tatyaan.com
  2. Tattyp.com
  3. Anaytat.com
  4. Philltatyana.com
  5. TatPhillips.com

My new website will definitely be food related; I love when people can get together and sit down, eat, laugh and just have fun. My website will dive into Real Authentic Jamaican Cuisines. I will share popular foods that most people know or may not know. I strongly believe we should explore and try new things. Feel free to visit my website and try cooking any one of the meals, leave a comment if you did cook one of the meals or you tired it before. I will be putting more content even when I no longer have ct101 class.

Don’t have to think twice its definitely YouTube, when I want a laugh YouTube, when I’m feeling fabulous YouTube. I really appreciate the great and creative content that YouTube have to offer. The contents on YouTube have made me gain independents in many ways, it helps me gain creativity when redecorating my room, when doing my hair and also setting up the furniture’s in my house. YouTube made me come up with the idea of talking about Jamaican cuisines since I’m always watching how other Jamaicans being creative when preparing their meals which inspires me a lot to try also. YouTube really plays a vital role in my life.

I always see gif on my phone and never use or pay attention to it, but I must say since learning about it in this class has made it one of my most go to website when I want to send a reaction to someone. You can get any and every reaction from this website even creating your own. I use GIPHY in all my assignments and I will be adding some to my website.



Assignment #8 Registering domain name

Domain Name Yayyy

I research ahead of time to see if my domain name is available by using GoDaddy

After realizing no one has the name I jump on the Reclaim Hosting where I started signing up on sign-up portal, which was a simple and fast process with the help of Professor Seslow tutorial. This website is very informative, and I took time out to read what the ID protect was all about. After complete everything I land on this page below

I did one important set up making sure I check my email and verified my account before moving on to anything else. This page shows no payment are due and y0u can continue setting up the account by clicking the “cPanel” and viewing each content as I go along until I am at the step to install word press. I made the necessary adjustments by having the same username and password like the reclaim hosting.

This part was super fun!

I definitely did every step that Professor Seslow did, from switching to twenty twenty version, customizing theme with: CT101 test site 2022 to adding a picture and changing my home page from static to latest post. I all the necessary changes that I was interested in.

I love this picture

My experience doing this process was great, everything was simple and have the fastest access to anything you want to go on. I wasn’t expecting word press to install that fast, but it did which was fabulous. I hope to design my website and continue exploring. Thank you once again Professor Seslow for the tutorials.



Assignment #5

#Positive Quotes

First of all, I loveeeee quotes. Quotes are very meaningful to me; it brings forth upliftment and positivity into my life. There is a lot of days where I am down, and I just find a quote to cheer myself up especially with school workload. What inspire me to talk about quotes in this assignment, I am disappointed on how my semester is going but what keep me motivated is always remembering ” The race is not for the swift but who can endure to the end”, and I have come a far way to give up now. I hope one day to start writing my own quotes and uplift others around me.

GIPHY has helped me a lot with quotes to go on my mmm. page.

URL: tatyanap.ct101_assignment_5 (mmm.page)  


I enjoy working with the mmm.page .

It gives a very relaxing way of coming up with ideas, very flexible and easy to operate. This website reminds me of when I use to collage photo on “photo grid”, cool website. I am happy to get an opportunity to use this website and share quotes that are meaningful to my life. The next time I use this website I should be able to publish my own quotes. I admire the fact that everything is easy access which is very motivational.


Assignment #4 DS106

Assignment #4 DS106

This is the first assignment, I ch0ose this example

The steps I take in completing this assignment was first, I started looking through Bob Ross painting and finding the best one I admire.

Photo used for assignment 1Assignment 1 photo

The animal that will make this imagine pop

In order to start the process, I begin with opening up photoshop

then proceed with uploading the two imagines

Moving forward, I begin by outlining the dolphin with the object selection tool so that the dolphin can be placed onto the landscape image.

After doing all the necessary adjustments,

Here is the final result

After getting this beautiful result, I wanted to play around with some colors to see how the dolphin would stand out in this image.

I love the representation of the red, it just reminds me of tropical countries that experience a shade of this color when the sunset in the evenings. This photo relaxes my mind each time I look at it. I enjoy every moment of this assignment.

I am interested in this project that was presented on the Ds106 website

I found this video assignment project that I would like to learn. I always watch Tik Tok videos and wonder how people edit their videos a certain way especially when it comes on to animals. I love watching puppy videos and the editing skills some people have persuade me on doing these types of videos with my pet.  This is a task I will challenge myself on in my free time.


Assignment #3 – Are MEME’s ART?


Memes can be seen as art because in the past you can see that art has been used to do the same thing memes do now: bright colorful images that represent an idea. The definition of art can fall into the definition of what is a meme. When it comes on to “Pop Art,” memes can fall under the category (of using popular media styles to create art). Memes are good for art because they are straightforward and always have an effective punchline. As we notice in our society today, people like to follow the trend and if they realize using a hilarious clip can get millions of views, people will do anything to think outside the box and make something that people will enjoy, share, and having a long-term impact. Memes are good for communication they serve as a fast way to tell a storyline and give few seconds of hilarity when scrolling on any social media platform. Memes have become a part of our online lives, helping us express, inform and cope with every day.

The fact that you can use, say, a scene from an obscure film and put on a different and unrelated topic onto it and still make it enjoyable for many makes memes a language of their own. More than inciting laughter, it also becomes an interesting way for us all to express our sentiments. I like using a meme GIF as a reaction to something irritating your friend has said in your group chat. But others take this a step further and create their memes to get their point across. Memes can be more than just simply a “form of self-expression,” it’s clear to see that memes serve as more than just a source of entertainment. They can influence and they can express; they can unite, and they can tear apart, and they can even propel the unknown subject of a picture into worldwide fame. Also, it can become a shared cultural experience for internet users around the world.

GIF is amazing


What did you think on the first day of the CT101?

The first day was incredibly fun especially getting to know the professor and seeing all the cool and creative content that we will be doing every week. I also like the fact that there are instructions and video on knowing how to operate the website. It’s even cooler knowing we will be working with GIPHY and IMGUR.

Did you like hearing about the course and its creative content? How did it make you feel?

I heard great comments about this course before enrolling and I felt at peace because I’m always worrying about having bad courses. Therefore, I loved all the creative content that is being offered, it boosts my creativity to produce eye catching content. I am so excited to learn new materials as the weeks goes by.

How does CT101 compare to some of your other classes?

Comparing to my other classes that are so stressful, this class makes me relax, and motivated. I don’t feel any pressure when completing any assignment unlike the other classes. When I have this class, my mind is free, I laugh more especially when on GIPHY. It’s just a breath of fresh air.

What are the potentials of this class?

This class can open a lot of opportunities for me being the fact that technology upgrades every day, more jobs are looking for people that are proficient in areas like digital storytelling to promote their business and if I have these skills, it would be beneficial. So far, I am learning things I did not know how to do so I can only imagine by the end of the semester what I will be able to do.

How do you feel about learning new skills that use Internet tools?

It feels great learning new skills! I enjoy learning new materials each day, and when it comes to the internet its more exciting. Often, I see creative content from businesses, commercial and youtubers and I always wonder how but most are materials we are learning in this class. This course will definitely make me think deeper when creating a content and I am better able to assist anyone that needs creative idea when promoting online businesses.



Assignment#1 What Makes You Happy on the Internet?

I Scream Food!!!!           

I love watching food channels on YouTube. This week I was scrolling and saw a food channel by the name of “Best Ever Food Review Show.” A guy by the name of Sonny that is from the US but lives in Asia for ten years started making food and decided to do travel videos and keeping documents of each experience.

I find this remarkably interesting and helpful because we the viewers will be eager to travel these places to capture our own experiences.

What caught my eye about this video is the fact that he was in my country trying all the local authentic food including our national dish which is Ackee and Saltfish.

He also dives into one of our hottest and most popular go to food in the summer which is Crab. I love Crab

One of my dreams in life is to travel different countries and try other authentic food, so this video is very inspirating to me and I anticipate upcoming videos from this channel.

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