We must create websites in order to establish a digital presence, disseminate knowledge, communicate with a global audience, advertise goods and services, increase customer engagement, enable online transactions, enhance visibility, and adapt to the digital era, in which the internet serves as the main platform for communication and interaction.

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WordPress is a well-liked content management system that makes building and maintaining websites simple. It has an intuitive user interface, themes that can be changed, and plugins for more functionality. WordPress enables users to effortlessly construct and update websites without the need for in-depth technical experience, making it available to both people and companies.


For creating your own website, having a personal domain has various benefits. First off, it gives you a distinct and expert online identity that builds your brand or online presence. Second, it gives you total control over the content, appearance, and functionality of your website, enabling customization and individualization. Thirdly, adopting a personal domain builds credibility because it presents as more reliable and professional than using a subdomain or free hosting services. It also helps search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns, which increases website visibility. Last but not least, a personal domain enables future mobility and scalability, allowing you to move hosting companies or grow your website without having to change its URL.