I was very worried and a bit confused about this class. I thought this class would be to much coding and lots of homework and assignment. But when I saw the professor and his lecture then I could understand this class is not for fear. This class is fun and easy to learn. Yes I heard about this class from my friend that he had taken last semester and said about the professor. My friend said professor Ryan is a very nice person and he records classes for tutoring at home. I feel so much fun and happy myself.

If I compare this class to some of my other classes then I would say this is very fun learning and I would not have to worry about a better grade. The creative potentiality is the making of gif editing video and do some fun stories.

I feel so good myself that now I am able to make my own GIF and learn about new software that would help me in the future to create new things.

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  1. Thank you!
    OK – so far so good, but hmmmm, I think that you are missing many aspects of what the assignment is asking of you. Please take another look at the assignment blog post / criteria and make the revisions, reply to this post once that is done and Ill check back in, thank you!

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