Assignment #1: Functional Internet: Umar Kashem

There are many things on the internet that allow us to discover. The internet gives us the opportunity to discover and find out new things that we’ve never seen before. Personally, the internet is something that I use everyday and nowadays people rely on the internet like never before. For example, e-commerce businesses are online virtual stores that people are able to run through the internet. So for those people, the internet is a critical part of life. 

The internet allows me and most people to find things that I’ve never seen before. For me, using the internet is like a tool that helps me with day-to-day tasks. For example, I am able to attend most of my classes online because of the internet.
Aside from using the internet as a day-to-day tool, I use the internet for many things that I enjoy. I like to watch YouTube and Netflix using the internet. I am able to research things that I like doing such as finding new places to travel, how-to videos, and purchasing unnecessary things that I’ll probably use once. But as we move from a more digital world, the internet is a necessity instead of an option. People use the internet for multiple reason like said before for e-commerce, fashion, sharing important documents, reading the latest new.

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  1. Thank you, so far so good here!
    Please take another look at the assignment specifications and make the needed revisions – you can always add more content to your posts as you go – in this case there are several things missing – keep me posted and reply back here once the revisions have been made, thank you!

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