#4 Project Flexibility DS106

In this project, I chose two different assignments: one is the Movie Mashup Assignment and the other is cipher typography photo images one of the visual assignments that I found on the DS106 website.

1. Movie Mashup assignment:

So this assignment asks to select two movies that are often compared and combine them to create a new movie poster. The information and link about the assignments are posted below.

Movie Mashup

For this assignment, I chose the Netflix original series Stranger Things as there are many different movies that are often been compared to it. I created two movie posters for this assignment.  The posters were created using a web-based graphic editor Photopea. To create the first movie poster I chose the 1979 film Alien and gave it the movie title: Stranger Things ft. Aliens. In order to create this poster, I combined at least 5 to 6 images from both Stranger Things and Alien movies and edited them with the help of a Photopea editor. This was my first time photoshopping so I had to teach myself various techniques of layering and blending the images for this poster with the help of youtube videos. The end result is shown below.

For the second poster, I chose the combo of Stranger Things with the 1982 movie E.T where I combined the original movie poster of ST season 2 and E.T.  Final result is shown below.

And, finally, below are the various images I used for the two posters:




2. Cipher Typography Visual assignment:

This assignment asks to use the concepts of typography and silhouetted images to create a coded message. It is another assignment that I would be willing to try because I love cryptology and deciphering stuff. This project was really interesting to me as I loved the concept but at the same time,  I wasn’t sure of the right tools to use for the assignment.

Cipher Typography Photo Images