#5 Domain Name

Never have I thought of starting and owning a website of my own if not for CT101 class.  Talking about things that interest me, there is actually quite a lot. Besides being a science student and a math tutor, my other interests include traveling, playing video games (currently I play PUBG a lot),  listening to music/songs of various languages and genres, I am also a foodie who loves cooking.  There are a lot of things in my head that I could use my website for, so for time being, I prefer to keep my domain name choices to be broad at the same time simple and easily accessible. I would love to start as a personal blog/vlog and work along with time. Therefore, my possible choices of domain names are:

  1. itsmeaj.com
  2. ajcorner.com
  3. thisisaj.com
  4. itsajtime.com
  5. iamanju.com
  6. anjuachu.com

AJ is my nickname, a short form for Anju. Some of the cool and interesting websites that I love are:

  1. HowStuffWorks – Their blog posts are super cool and informative. It is a website that explains thousands of topics. As the name suggests it also shows videos and illustrations of how things work.
  2. SuperCook –  This website helps us cook food with whatever ingredients we have at our home. All we do is enter the ingredients onto the website and based on that they find thousand’s of online food recipes.
  3. Kara and Nate -It is a travel blog/vlog of a couple that includes travel hacks, and other tips and information on how to travel budget-friendly. They also have a youtube channel which I really enjoy watching.