This assignment requires you to make collage from your bucket list and place a caption in each picture. All my images were retrieved from BeFunky. My captions were edited in makeameme. I started off with this image which represents me in a career that makes me smile. Most people work in a career that makes them miserable.

I stumbled across this video to help me with my thought process on a realistic bucket list. In my opinion, the ideas that you need to put into your bucket list collage requires motivation.

In my military career I use to jump 1200 feet from airplanes into a pile of dirt. I would love to jump 30,000 out the air into a peaceful field like this one.
It has always been my dream to see the northern lights. As a kid I would always see them in Disney movies.
My wife tells me that I am a great cook but I always wanted to cook meals that looked like it came out a 5 star restaurant.
I would love to explore the ocean and all the plant life that have yet to be discovered.
Like most people I want to travel the world and experience what every culture has to offer.
This is the final product of all my pictures combined to create my bucket list collage.