Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility

For this assignment, I had to do some research on the DS106 Assignment Repository, & choose 2 projects from the list that I have attached above.

Project- 1:

Since I am a senior, doing a major in Computer Science, I already have some skills to do the Code Assignment and I believe I can figure it out on my own quite easily compared to the other categories.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have many options to choose from compared to other categories in DS106 Assignment Repository.

There were only 2 code assignments and obviously, I choose the easiest one where I only asked for 10 -20 lines of code to solve a simple problem. Luckily, it didn’t ask for any specific programming languages which means I can use any of the programming languages. Therefore, I choose C++ which is a middle-level programming language to complete this assignment.

Again, I could use any online compiler to write and test my code, so I used my favorite one

Prompt: Here, I am planning to solve a simple mathematical program, where the user is asked to enter two integers (divisor and dividend) and the quotient, and the remainder of their division is computed.

Step -1: 

At first, I open my online compiler and select C++ as my preferred programming language. Then I wrote the code and save it. This is what I wrote:

Step -2:

After compiling the code, I run it to test if it is working perfectly. When I click on the Run button the code, the program asks the user to enter dividend and divisor. Here, users can enter literally any integers according to their choice. However, I have selected 10 as dividend and 5 as divisor.  Therefore, I got 2 as the quotient and 0 as the remainder, which means my code is working perfectly without any error.

Step -3:

Although the code worked absolutely perfectly in the first place, still I did another test to make sure everything is working fine. This time, I have selected 100 as dividend and 15 as divisor.  Therefore, I got 6 as the quotient and 10 as the remainder, which is absolutely correct!!

Since this project was very easy and I did it pretty quickly, I decided to do another project from DS106 Assignment Repository, and this time I choose my second project from visual assignments. 

project- 2:

In this project, I was asked to search up on the internet the name of this flower from the picture and name it.

First of all, I open the Google Chrome browser and search for yellow marron flower, and thankfully within a second, I found the exact same flower.

Then, I clicked on the second image and it took me to a website named, where I found the name of the flower by scrolling down a little bit. The name of the flower is Coreopsis.  However, I also find out that this flower is also known as Golden Tickseed. You guys can buy the plant from for 13.99.

project- 3:

For this project, I choose from animated GIF assignment because I want to develop my skill in making GIFs as they are really important for this course.

In this assignment, I choose this GIF and I am looking forward to having something funny subtitle for it.

I found this video tutorial on YouTube, where I can learn easily how to add subtitles to GIFs.


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  1. Wow!
    Epic work on this post and all of the projects that you selected from Ds106!
    Super cool!
    Thank you for the thoughtful descriptions, screen shots and step by step tutorial about your process! The whole post flows so well and is very engaging!
    This post also utilizes all of the skills we have been practicing this semester!
    Thank you!

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