CT 101-Assignment #5 Blog Post 1

What are you inspired to do? 

I am inspired to complete college and graduate with my Bachelor’s degree. I am inspired to live a good life with a house of my own, cars, lots of wealth and a great lifestyle. I am inspired to one day get married and have a beautiful and successful family. Lots of things inspire me. I push myself a lot to accomplish things because I know that I can do it. I work hard now because I know that one day all of my hard work will pay off and it will benefit me in the end.

What are you inspired to make or create?

I am inspired to create businesses that can one day benefit myself and others. I am inspired to create opportunities that can help people who need the help. I aspire to create happiness and a safe space for people who really need it. I create to show others that they can do exactly what I do if they work hard enough. You only conquer what it is you want to achieve in life through hard work. Anything you put your mind to you can do it and that is what inspires me to make and create. 

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