Assingment-1: Things that makes me happy on Internet!!

Things that make me happy on the Internet!!

I know it’s a surprising fact for most of the people here that I did not have access to the internet until 10th grade. Since I grew up in Bangladesh, the only source of entertainment was playing with the children from our neighborhood in the afternoon and watching television. However, when finally I got access to the internet, the first game I played on the internet was Hill Climb Racing. But my favorite game was Bomber Friends, I finished all the 1000 levels of that game with my younger brother.

Nowadays I spent a lot of time on the Internet exploring social media. My favorite site on social media is YouTube. I love to watch documentaries on science and history, off-grid lifestyle, cooking channels, DIY videos on YouTube. There are some content creators on YouTube whom I follow on a regular basis. I also learned cooking and painting from YouTube. Besides that, I am quite active on Instagram. I often use  Facebook and Messenger to stay connected to my friend and family who lives in Bangladesh.

I also enjoy movies from online movie streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Videos, Disney+, etc. I enjoy Korean drama and thriller movies. Although people are so addicted to Tiktok, I don’t really like that at all. In fact, I never installed that app on my phone. I know there is some good stuff, but most of it is a waste of time for me.

Because of the Covid’19 pandemic, I become more addicted to the Internet.  But gradually I am trying to limit my screen time so that I can concentrate on my study.


5 thoughts on “Assingment-1: Things that makes me happy on Internet!!”

  1. Good work on this!
    Nice selection of supporting media, embedded images, video and hyperlinks!
    Thank you for sharing this, I like how you write from a reflective perspective!
    And… ohh we have all been spending much more time on the Internet as a result of the pandemic, but I also feel that I have learned so many new things that I may not have have before..
    I like the followers MEME! So true!
    PS – I helped make your GIF animate (you need to make sure it is always set for “full-size” in order for it to animate (I covered this in my video tutorial that is linked to assignment #1 & 2)
    thank you!

  2. Hi Fatema, I used to say I’d never download tiktok too and then ended up doing it out of boredom, it’s cool to see how creative people are but I will admit after a while it got a bit repetitive.

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