This week’s remedies

Woke up hungry >:)

  1. Although the week just started, I found quite a few things on the internet that have made me happy so far which didn’t come as a surprise due to the concerning attachment I have with my phone. The very first thing I remember was finding a recipe for dumplings and coconut cream pie because I was hungry and felt like making something new. I love to cook and bake despite not being the best and nothing makes me happier than finding easy recipes on the internet that I feel like I can manage given my lack of skill.Homer Simpson Cooking GIF
  2. Another thing that made me happy on the internet was scrolling through my Instagram and Pinterest feed which consist of various kinds of art such as vintage cartoons, ballpoint pen drawings, poetry, and dark gothic art. They both also consist of book recommendations and summaries which led me to do some research of my own. Although I have not been reading as much as I’d like to, I am consistently adding books to my booklist. This week, I added eleven existential classics after doing some research of my own. My eleventh grade English teacher introduced me to this genre and I was captivated right away but haven’t done many readings on it. Below are some screenshots of my Instagram and Pinterest feed!

3) For as long as I can remember, I have always loved movies on the whole but as I got older, I became extremely fond of horror movies. To me, horror has always been horror-nothing more, nothing less. Until I was scrolling on Hulu and found that there are different types of horror whether it is supernatural, demonic, slasher, zombie, etc. I thought that indie horror was the coolest given its definition “Specifically, indie or low-budget horror cinema has proven itself to be particularly illustrative of horrors’ commitment to experimentation and shock value.”. I found this fascinating because it heavily relies on creativity and the execution of it all. Most films I have been watching were indie horror after this discovery. Scared Scary Movie GIF by Running Organgs


3 thoughts on “This week’s remedies”

  1. The Internet does not let us down!
    Great work on this, I love how your writing flows like a story.
    Um, coconut cream pie… my favorite! (and banana cream pie as well, and chocolate cream pie too! Now Im craving them!) See that, the mention of something of in a blog post has the ability to activate someone’s favorite things.
    Digging the cool art image – and perhaps next time you will share some of your art too? Do you share your art on Instagram?
    Great GIF for the horror reference!
    Thank You!

    1. Thank you! I find it weird because I’m not the biggest fan of pie but just felt like trying something new.
      I actually stopped sharing my art on Instagram a while ago but I hope to start back soon.
      And believe it or not, I actually had to do some serious searching for that gif!

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