Asssignment 6


Here we go again with another late blog post.. My baddd

Anyways I was compelled to create more art anime looking pages that pertain to myself. The theme of my first page is basically just random pixel arts of my favorite anime with a giant eyeball. The image in the background is ai generated which is crazy.


The quote I used come from one of my favorite memes actually which is..

My inspiration for the my first page also comes from two of my favorite movies “Who framed Roger Rabbit” and “Space Jam” which mixes cartoons with reality.  Which is why I put in characters like rye, goku, and even sonic!

 For the next page I did something very simple that reflects me in my current state which is the feeling of being alone..

As I am right now I feel kind of defeated lol.  I feel as if the sun is pulling me in in an infinite void of space. This page really brings that emotion ive been feeling..  But apart from that this blog post was really fun and I hope you enjoyed. Im actually going to use my second page as a wallpaper because I really like the way it looks.

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