Assignment #7 – The Mid-Semester Reflection

It has been about a month, so it’s a little past mid-semester. (After editing it again today, this is way overdue…)Polar Bear GIF

CT 101 has been a very interesting class, It got me to think a lot about the future, what to think about when approaching the digital aspect of life, and what it can be used for. I haven’t been spending time on my classes, my brain has wanted to stay numb and distracted the past few days. Honestly, to even start writing this took me about 2 hours. It is so hard for my brain sometimes, and as I’m writing this it’s almost like my body’s also getting ready for sleep…Cat Wtf GIF

I’m happy about learning how to utilize the web, as I hear news of how Spotify and other streaming platforms won’t be paying artists unless they meet certain conditions. So it’s cool learning how to build my webpage where I can control the streaming, distributing, and purchasing of my music. I can do things I learned here, such as hyperlinks and embedding things into my website or even blogging on things that I feel my opinion matters.

As for the general things I know how to use, I grew up on the computer—mostly making things like my, or realizing different ways to utilize my love for music other than music but using the same technology to create stories and perhaps the studio logic GIF by Soundfly

As far as passing or failing, I’m sure I will pass the class. I don’t know what letter grade I deserve but I always submit for an A. My effort physically may not match that, but when I pull myself I happen to deliver quality in my opinion. However, this assignment itself deserves a 50, it was submitted late along with some other things. I lack comments on my peer’s work so that on its own is a minus 10-15 % of my final grade, I say 10 because I did some but not all.failing season 4 GIF

Honestly, I’m unsure why I stopped submitting after the last assignment. It takes me so long to start again, but after missing this one I’m missing all the ones that are after this. Honestly, I’ve accepted that maybe I won’t pass all my classes this semester. I don’t even know if I deserve to graduate after all the time I wasted not working on school. I’m absent, I barely comment, and I submit late work. I clearly in my eyes am not an ideal student at all. I have this guilt but I’ve been pushing myself to finish, I have to try.To Do List Nothing GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

My works have their character based on what I am being told to accomplish but there has definitely been a big change from the first post, and I am looking forward to completing the ones below. However, I do say this one lacks luster compared to my other post.

So let me get to work, by the end of this I am now writing and flowing freely as opposed to the mental strength it took to get started. *sigh*

These are the assignments I’m missing, 9 & 10 (but have been working on)

& These are my previously submitted assignments 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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