CT101 Final Blog Post/Jonathan Dedier

Hey guys! So today is the day ct101 basically ends and I’m very anxious right noww. As my journey in CT101 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on the valuable skills and experiences gained throughout the semester. In the face of personal adversities, the understanding and support extended by Mr. Seslow have not gone unnoticed. The encouragement to persevere and the acknowledgment of individual circumstances have contributed significantly to a positive and empowering learning environment.

What did I enjoy about our class and how will I apply your new skills into the world you ask? 

One of the aspects I enjoyed most about our CT101 class was the creative atmosphere fostered by both the content and the teaching approach. Mr. Seslow’s engaging videos and the freedom to explore digital creativity allowed me to express myself in ways I hadn’t imagined. The sense of community and support within the class made the learning experience enjoyable, even during challenging times in my personal life.

“Amazing guy is above this blockquote”

As for applying the new skills I got, I see numerous opportunities to integrate them into the broader digital landscape. The ability to build and manage a website, as well as understanding the art of memes and effective hyperlinking, and making navigation menus (I’m sorry but there were so many buttons to look at when making it LOL) are versatile skills that can be applied across various domains.

 What grade do I think I have earned in our class and why do I deserve this grade? I think I’m about to… to….

(Visual representation of me right now.)
Actually wait I feel more like this right now..

In all seriousness I’m throwing my hat into the B-ring(So a B). Why, you ask? Well, even though my work decided to take the scenic route to the submission box (yeah, I was fashionably late quite often), I believe my posts are like the class clowns of the internet. They might show up late to the party, but when they do, it’s a riot!
My posts are my comedy playground, and I think they deserve a solid B for bringing the laughs. There’s a method to my madness, you see. I write like I’m talking to you face-to-face, but with an extra sprinkle of humor. It’s like chatting with a stand-up comedian, but in blog form. I mean, who said blog posts can’t have a sense of humor, right? Sure, I might have a tardiness record, but think of it as me being fashionably late to the digital shindig. It’s all part of the grand entrance! Plus, fashionably late people get noticed, right? At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

And speaking of noticing, my posts are unmistakably ME. They’re personal, they’re quirky, and they scream “this is [Your Name], and no one else!”

Now for the moment you guys have been waiting for..

My website theblublog.com!

Wondering why my website TheBluBlog.com is on my phone? Let me break it down for you.

1. Tailored for Your Convenience: When asking a bunch of my friends they said the mobile site looked seamless for the palm of your hand. No need to pinch and zoom – every detail is crafted for easy navigation, making your visit a breeze.

2. Dive into Yorkie Goodness Anywhere, Anytime: Whether you’re at the dog park, curled up with your Yorkie on the couch, or out for a stroll, take TheBluBlog.com with you wherever life leads. Access grooming tips, training tricks, bathing and heartwarming stories at your fingertips, making it the perfect on-the-go resource for Yorkie parenting.


My mobile layout showcases all the adorable snapshots and informative visuals in a stunning display when pressed also. I feel so excited about this!!

Props to my brother, the unsung hero and artist extraordinaire, who turned a simple idea into a quirky masterpiece. Those are indeed my daily specs, and my dog decided they were the ultimate fashion statement for our logo. Who knew my dog had such a knack for style?

So, a huge shoutout to my bro for immortalizing this comedic moment and turning it into TheBluBlog.com’s iconic logo. Here’s a sneak peek of the masterpiece – because, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want their dog sporting their glasses? It’s the kind of silliness that makes our blog uniquely us.


But anyways CT101 taught me more than just digital skills – it taught me how to build a website, a digital home for all things Yorkie. TheBluBlog.com isn’t just a project; it’s a reflection of my journey. Will I maintain it? Absolutely! It’s not just a website; it’s a living testament to the joy, challenges, and boundless love of being a Yorkie parent. So, brace yourselves – the adventure continues!

I express my deepest gratitude. Thank you for the laughs that echoed through the virtual corridors, the lessons that resonated beyond the pixels, and the unforgettable journey that has left an indelible mark on my digital and personal tapestry. As this chapter concludes, I eagerly await the next, armed with newfound skills, cherished memories, and a heart brimming with enthusiasm. Until we meet again in the digital realm, CT101—thank you and farewell.

P.S. Professor’s head always remind me of that one spongebob meme..
(Secret messsage if you somehow made it to the end)



Assignment 9

Hey chat guess what… I have my own domain now!!

The process of making a domain by itself is super easy! All i had to do was watch the video provided by professor and use the York coupon code which leads you to this.

Everything was straightforward after filling in the information and it lead me to my email which showed me this on a new page.
After I logged into Client Area, I saw the cPanel button pressed it and WordPress showed up as downloadable, so I did, and it automatically took me a page to start making my website which was super simple!

Assignment 7 (Mid-Semester Reflection + Domain name!)

To start off. As are professor said on this assignment time goes by wayyy too fast..

As for how Im doing in Ct101 I feel as though ive been in a lot of hating myself for not making it to class as much as I am supposed to due to emotional things happening in my family. I will say though that Mr Seslow’s videos and flexibility with being able to allow us to work home is really sweet.

I have learned so much leading up to this point in class using the zoom videos. An example of this is of assignment 3. It was an assignment on whether we consider  “memes” as art. I thought memes were just a simple image that was randomly created by some guy on the internet to make other laugh. I was wrong..
They simplify difficult topics, serving as a common language for building relationships and laughter among people from every walk of life. However, they have the potential to oversimplify and extend misunderstandings or bad interactions. Memes are undoubtedly a kind of self-expression, allowing people to express themselves via comedy, wit, or personal tales. They bridge the gap between creativity and relatability, speaking to our shared experiences and emotions. Oh and professor if your reading this I didnt forget about the hyperlinks!!
I also learned about hyperlinking which is basically super important in post such as blogs. Including hyperlinks in a post is like adding signposts on a journey of discovery. These links act as shortcuts, helping you effortlessly navigate through related ideas. It’s like having a conversation with a friend who not only shares a story but also guides you to more details. Hyperlinking makes the reading experience more interactive and personal, letting you dive deeper into topics that catch your interest which is a new skill I developed
Ok… So now for the nitty gritty of my post today. What grade do I believe I am maintaining? I…..
To be 100 percent honest I think i am at around a B or B- level. Even though I wasn’t able to make it to class due to personal reasons. I have always to make sure my personality shines through in all my post whether its adding in custom gifs of my dog or videos to my post of my hobbies! I really do appreciate are professor for allowing me to accommodate for my absence’s and giving us proper chances! As a thank you enjoy this gif of my dog watching anime.
Apart from my posting of work I also wanted to tackle the last two assignments which are assignments 9, and the final blog post. I also have been commenting on people’s blog post but realize I have to comment more to give out more accurate feedback.

Coming down to the wire I feel as though I really need to hold my self-accountable whether it’s taking more time out of my day to make more quality blog post or adding more hyperlinks to post.
Now for the fun part my domain name! I have looked through a bunch of domain names and have even used ChatGPT to recommend me some. The top 5 are:
  1. BluTales.com
  2. LifeWithBlu.com
  3. BluAdventures.com
  4. TheBluBlog.com
  5. BluWaggingTales.com           

Out of these 5 I will be using TheBluBlog.com, and my website will be in a blog style a blog featuring his pictures, stories, and tips for pet care catered toward people with yorkshire terriers.  I am super excited to see what the future holds for this domain and as always have a great day everyone!

Asssignment 6


Here we go again with another late blog post.. My baddd

Anyways I was compelled to create more art anime looking pages that pertain to myself. The theme of my first page is basically just random pixel arts of my favorite anime with a giant eyeball. The image in the background is ai generated which is crazy.


The quote I used come from one of my favorite memes actually which is..

My inspiration for the my first page also comes from two of my favorite movies “Who framed Roger Rabbit” and “Space Jam” which mixes cartoons with reality.  Which is why I put in characters like rye, goku, and even sonic!

 For the next page I did something very simple that reflects me in my current state which is the feeling of being alone..

As I am right now I feel kind of defeated lol.  I feel as if the sun is pulling me in in an infinite void of space. This page really brings that emotion ive been feeling..  But apart from that this blog post was really fun and I hope you enjoyed. Im actually going to use my second page as a wallpaper because I really like the way it looks.

Assignment 5

Hey. Its been a longgggggggggggggg while since Ive posted due to personal reasons.. Anyways! Hope everyone has been alright and im here to speak about why I choose these 2 assignments. First off for assignment 1. The name of it is Hercules!
The movie is very inspirational to me as it is.  His journey to become a true hero despite his shortcomings is a classic underdog story that resonates with many people. The theme of overcoming challenges and finding one’s true self is inherently inspiring.
(As you can see here below this is the assignment 1.)
To do this I found a blank photo from my favorite part of the movie which was..
All i did was go into Photopea and put a textbox below and added a drop shadow with a bit of glow to the quote and. voila!!
Now for the second one. I chose…

Not to flex or anyhting but before this I was in Photography 101 with Ms Formica. She is literally just like the professor we have now for ct101 very understanding and easy going! Anyways to get to the point here is what i Started off with this.


I then took another photo like thiss

I then merged the two photos on Photoshop and created this very cool looking clone effect!
I have always been in love with the idea of altering photos with photoshop as my older brother is a big inspiration to me! Thanks for reading!!

HW #4 Crocheting Isn’t just for Grandmas!

You read the title right this is my favorite hobby, and I’m passionate about it!  Regarding crocheting, there’s no denying that it’s a craft that’s captured my heart and soul. You might be surprised to learn that I’m a guy who’s deeply passionate about crocheting, and I’m here to tell you that it’s not just for grandmas. Crocheting has evolved into a versatile and rewarding art form that transcends age and gender boundaries, and it’s a hobby that’s as therapeutic as it is creative.

As a young man, I always had an adventurous spirit and a knack for trying out new things. One day, while browsing a local craft fair with my girlfriend, something unexpected caught my eye – a vibrant display of handcrafted crocheted blankets and scarves. I was instantly drawn to the intricate patterns and vibrant colors, and I decided to give crocheting a try.

I vividly remember my first encounter with a crochet hook and a skein of yarn. It felt a bit awkward at first, like learning a new language, but with the help of online tutorials and the guidance of a close friend who was an avid crocheter, I began to unravel the secrets of this age-old craft. To my surprise, crocheting quickly became a source of relaxation and creativity in my life. Instead of spending my evenings glued to the TV or my smartphone, I found solace in the gentle rhythm of yarn slipping through my fingers and the satisfying click of the crochet hook. It was a therapeutic escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

A lot of people I’ve seen nowadays wear a ton of knitted pieces the most recognizable ones are the bucket hats such as these:

They have actually taken over the male fashion industry in a big way which kind of lightens the blow I get for crocheting as a man nowadays.


As time went on, I realized that crocheting wasn’t just a hobby for grandmas, as some might stereotype it. It was a hobby that transcended age and gender boundaries. I proudly crocheted alongside my girlfriend, and we even joined a local crafting group where we met people of all ages and backgrounds who shared our passion.

So, the next time someone mentions that crocheting is just for grandmas, I’ll proudly share my own story as living proof that this timeless passion knows no age limit and can be a source of creativity, relaxation, and connection for anyone willing to give it a try.

Memes are art

 Memes are definitely art let’s be serious here. Memes have established their position in our online society, and their influence on art, communication, and self-expression has been mixed. Memes may be a double-edged sword in terms of art. I feel as though they frequently include artistic qualities such as visuals and comedy, offering new and relatable art forms to a broader audience.

Memes may be both a blessing and a curse in terms of communication. They simplify difficult topics, serving as a common language for building relationships and laughter among people from every walk of life. However, they have the potential to oversimplify and extend misunderstandings or bad interactions. Memes are undoubtedly a kind of self-expression, allowing people to express themselves via comedy, wit, or personal tales.
 Memes can be used for storytelling by capturing a precise moment or feeling inside a wider story or narrative with a single, well-crafted meme. To express a story or message simply, this approach concentrates on the power of imagery and reliability. Consider a meme depicting someone looking fatigued at their workstation with a bat and the message “Mondays.” This meme shows the widespread narrative of dreading the start of the workweek. It presents the story of the hardships that many individuals experience every Monday morning by using commonly recognized symbols and emotions.
Memes, according to this approach, serve as snapshots or visual metaphors that represent moments in a larger story. These memes rely on social context and shared experiences to resonate with people like me, giving them a quick and relevant method to tell stories or express emotions which is why I think it conveys storytelling.
 In a world where digital communication and humor have become increasingly put together, memes offer a fresh and dynamic way to weave stories that resonate with us all. Whether it’s through a series of memes that gradually unveil a narrative or a single, powerful image that encapsulates a moment, memes have become a remarkable item for storytelling in the digital age. They bridge the gap between creativity and relatability, speaking to our shared experiences and emotions. So, the next time you and I come across a clever meme, take a moment to appreciate the storytelling prowess behind it. After all, in the realm of memes, stories unfold one viral image at a time, connecting us in laughter, empathy, and understanding across the vast landscape of the internet.

CT101’s GIF-tastic Kickoff

The anticipation leading up to the first day of CT101 was almost unbearable. I couldn’t help but feel a rush of nerves coursing through me. It was as if I had a swirling storm of butterflies in my stomach, and my hands had this persistent, jittery tremor. I kept thinking about what the class would be like, who my classmates would be, and what the professor’s expectations were.  I was feeling happy and nervous kind of like…

When I was selecting my classes, I remember reading the course description for this one, and I couldn’t help but feel excited. My older brother had taken the same class, and he told me all about how the professor gave students a lot of creative freedom when it came to blogging. Hearing about his experience got my creative juices flowing, and I was absolutely thrilled to be a part of it.
Compared to all my other classes, this one is the most relaxed, and it doesn’t make me anxious at all. Usually, I’m dealing with really demanding math or writing-intensive courses that can stress me out to the point where I sometimes just blank out during lectures. However, right now, this class feels like a breath of fresh air. It’s amazing to have this opportunity to explore creative avenues and express myself without the intense pressure of constant problem-solving or essay writing. It’s like a delightful pause button in the midst of a hectic academic schedule, and I’m genuinely enjoying every moment of it.
The idea of seamlessly integrating gifs to craft narratives that truly resonate with me. By using the power of visuals, videos, and well-crafted text, I really have the opportunity to make stories that not only captivate attention but also evoke profound emotions. It’s like having a versatile toolkit to produce narratives that leave a lasting impact on the audience. This class is an exciting avenue for exploring the dynamic world of digital storytelling, and I’m looking forward to the journey ahead.
I’m actually excited about the potential of gaining new skills that use internet tools! It’s as if we’ve arrived in the future of learning, where the world of technology has evolved into a place for growth and creativity. I’m beyond excited about the internet’s endless learning opportunities, since our professor scratched the surface, and I’m already overjoyed! It’s like having a universe of information and resources at my fingertips, and I can’t wait to use it to hone my talents and expand my brain’s creative potential.

What Makes Me Happy on the Internet this Week?

Recently my favorite anime One Piece is the ending of its arc (a significant story within an anime series that is given focus through more than one episode) after 4 years of being stuck on the same island. It had me happy from ear to ear just cheesing all day!  This arc is called Wano and the main character and his crew have been docked in Wano for what feels like an eternity!


So, what’s the deal with Wano? Well, it’s a place where tradition and samurai honor run deep, and the Land of the Samurai has had its fair share of problems. The Straw Hat crew found themselves in the middle of it all, and boy, did things get complicated!


As a fan of One Piece I have been hyped for today’s last episode on the internet I’ve been treated to an extended stay in Wano, and while the wait has been excruciating at times, it’s also allowed for some of the most intricate storytelling and character development in the series. Eiichiro Oda, the creator, has taken his time to craft an unforgettable arc, and we’ve seen the Straw Hat crew grow stronger and form new alliances.


So, while we’ve been on this extended layover in Wano, it’s safe to say that the wait has been worth it. “One Piece” continues to prove why it’s a legendary series, and the Straw Hat Pirates’ stay in Wano has been nothing short of epic. The journey isn’t over, and with each passing chapter, we’re getting closer to the climax of this remarkable saga! So, hoist your anchor, fellow fans, and let’s see where the next chapter takes us on this incredible adventure. This was by far the thing that had me cheesing the most this week!

(That’s my dog watching One Piece. He’s cute I know..)

Below are the final few punches of the last episode of the 4-year arc if you are interested!